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First, the senior males came to eat, then the whole pride, followed by three juveniles and the cubs . At this stage there wasn’t much left of the carcass and the pride slowly departed, save for a few juveniles who stayed for seconds. We thought the action was over…

Suddenly, the dominant male – let’s call him Mufasa – let out a terrific roar, announcing his presence on the riverbank . His body language displayed displeasur­e, and from his stride he appeared to be in a cantankero­us mood. The juveniles all made a hasty retreat, except for one defiant young male who remained at the kill. Mufasa charged, forcing the youngster into humiliatin­g submission and causing him to wet himself . Mufasa seemed satisfied with this “apology” and let the youngster go.

After successful­ly re-establishi­ng the hierarchy, Mufasa merely sniffed at the carcass, gave it a cursory lick , and left it for the vultures to clean up.

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