François Haasbroek visited Yzerfontei­n during Level 2 lockdown. But the Covid regulation­s weren’t his biggest challenge to doing the story…


What was the biggest challenge? The baby! This was the first time my wife Marilize and our daughter Essie (15 months; pictured) had joined me for a work trip. I had to plan visits and interviews around Essie’s nap routine, and everywhere we stayed I had to baby-proof the stairs. But Essie also played her part: A field of daisies can make for a fairly routine photo, but put a baby in there and your shot is made! ( See page 101. – Ed.)

How did lockdown affect your article? I’d been to Yzerfontei­n many times before the lockdown, and I was sad to see a few places in town had closed their doors. Yet most of the residents were positive and many businesses have managed to stay afloat because the residents have supported each other. Anél Strauss van Rooyen even started a new business! She opened Vita Nova Delicatess­en – it means “new life” in Italian.

What’s the best time of the year on the West Coast? For me, it’s summer – also the busiest season in Yzerfontei­n. Spring is wonderful too. The weather might be cooler, but you’ll have the beach to yourself and there are wildflower­s everywhere.

Your favourite spot in town? The viewpoint at the end of Arum Crescent, above the harbour. Sit on a bench and watch the sunset.

What’s in your travel bag? Nappies, Purity and baby wipes!

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