- Richards Bay

“I’m lucky to live about an hour’s drive from several reserves in northern KZN. I’m primarily a birdwatche­r – I want to see how many different species I can photograph in my lifetime. I’m 66 years old now, and on 4 September 2020 I photograph­ed my 500th species. It was a yellow-throated woodlands warbler – a colourful bird and fortunatel­y not a little brown job!

“My next targets are the endemic green barbet, and the African emerald cuckoo in the Ongoye Forest near Mtunzini. My biggest dream is to tick the African pitta off my list.

“When I was a child in the 1960s, our family often camped in the Kruger Park. Us kids might only have been interested in the big animals, but my father taught us to sit still for hours to watch the veld. He showed us that if you concentrat­e on the little things, a whole new world will open up. Birdwatchi­ng was the natural next step.”

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