The open road is calling

- PIERRE PIE STEYN PSteyn@media24.com

Few things changed modern society as much as the motorcar. It jumpstarte­d economies, accelerate­d urbanisati­on and altered the landscapes of continents. Best of all, it made the road trip possible.

That was true in the 20th century and it’s even more relevant in these strange times. What’s the best way to flee your locked-down existence? Get in your car and drive!

Right now, flying is for the birds and the only way you’re going on an ocean cruise is if you haul nets on a trawler. You can walk, run or cycle but you won’t get very far… So, you drive, and as you’ll read in this issue, people are driving to places in droves!

You don’t have to pawn grandma’s bone china tea set on Gumtree to afford a road trip. An expensive 4x4 with a bull bar and 20-inch tyres isn’t necessary either. The adventures you can have in a 50-year-old Volkswagen Beetle (p 41) should serve as an example to us all.

A journey that stretches over days, weeks or even months is not only fun, it also soothes the soul. At your own leisurely pace, you can rediscover the beauty of a country and its people. Your country and your people. You see how people who live lives different to yours, in places far away from your home, are not only existing but thriving, as they take hands and work together.

At go! we have always been passionate evangelist­s for good old-fashioned road trip therapy and the healing it can bring. This issue is your prescripti­on: Read thoroughly and apply as often as needed.

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