- – Kyra Tarr

Are you keen to find out what that magnificen­t wildflower in the reserve is? Well, keep this gem in mind. Clan Flora is a new, free web app by photograph­er and wildflower enthusiast Marietjie Smit and designer Jeanette Vierbergen.

It makes identifyin­g wildflower­s as easy as one, two, three… Even for those of us who are botanicall­y challenged! Just go to clanflora.co.za and whittle down your search by picking out the appropriat­e answer to the following categories: colour, shape, size, region and species.

Regions that are currently available on the website are the West Coast, Cederberg, Nieuwoudtv­ille and Namaqualan­d.

An offline option is available for prior download if you know you’re going to be out of signal for a while.

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