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As a boy, I dreamt of owning a Wrangler! I think it was the cool Jeeps they drove in Jurassic Park that caught my eye back then… This Wrangler (an Unlimited Sahara 3.6-litre petrol model) came into my life in June 2020 – I bought it second-hand from Jeep East Rand. I grew up as a city lad with no previous exposure to 4x4s. Although I’ve always lived a healthy and active lifestyle, I realised that exploring my country adds some balance to my life. My wife, Aziza Domingo-Khan, and I also feel it’s important to contribute to upliftment in rural areas – in our own little way – by supporting the tourism industry. Recently, our favourite spot has been Parys and the Vredefort Dome area. Being only two people in a long-wheelbase Wrangler, we have plenty of space. For longer trips, I would carry additional fuel and water (50 litres of both) and firewood.

The Wrangler is an endearing vehicle to drive. It feels lively and connects us with the natural surroundin­gs, especially with the top down.

I bought it fitted with a lift kit, rock sliders, differenti­al guards and off-road auxiliary lighting. These modificati­ons were all retained. In the last year, I’ve also installed heavy-duty bumpers, off-road rims, lifted the Jeep even more (three inches) and upgraded the tyres to 35-inch Federal Couragia Mud Terrains, which offer better traction.

The Jeep community is very close-knit and resourcefu­l. While doing the modificati­ons, I tapped into this community to swap parts, exchange know-how and explore DIY options. I would encourage prospectiv­e 4x4 owners to form a bond with their vehicles and join online 4x4 communitie­s like JK Forum ( jk-forum.com) – there’s so much to learn. The Wrangler is certainly off-road biased. That’s why I also have a more tarmac-friendly vehicle, a BMW 4 Series Coupe. The need for a city car is just an excuse – I’m actually just a petrolhead!

Home town: Strand Occupation: Student and photograph­er

Car: Ford Eco Sport, 2018 model Mileage: 18 000 km

Instagram: @elnevdwest #178

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