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TOAST SAYS: When last did you take a photo of a bridge? Liezel snapped this one on the old Bloukrans Pass, on the border between the Eastern and Western Cape.

It’s not so easy to take a good photo of a bridge. You basically have three options: You can stand in the road, lined up with the bridge, which works well if you have a vehicle or a bicycle crossing over. If you can get above the bridge, by climbing a hill or using a drone, you can show how the bridge fits into the surroundin­g landscape. The third option is the one that Liezel chose: photograph­ing the bridge from the side, which shows off architectu­ral features like arches and pillars.

You’ll have to work for this kind of shot and climb down until you’re next to the river. You want to be at the same level as the base of the bridge, so that it towers over you. Exposure is often tricky (something will be in the shade), but Liezel was in the kloof at exactly the right time and the sun illuminate­d the bridge and the trees in the background.

It’s a fun photograph­y challenge: Next weekend, go take a photo of a bridge!

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