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when you come to a hole that bends in the di­rec­tion that your drives nat­u­rally curve, you think, Fi­nally, a hole made for me. Well, you have to be care­ful, be­cause the sit­u­a­tion is tempt­ing you to hit the hero shot. If you’re a fade player, you look at a dog­leg-right hole and want to just rip it.The prob­lem is, if you aim straight and over-fade your drive into the in­side cor­ner of the dog­leg, that’s where the worst trou­ble is. You’ve just turned your dream hole into a night­mare.

To play a hole that matches your shot shape, aim at the out­side cor­ner of the dog­leg and give your tee shot room to work back to­wards the mid­dle. If you’re a fade player on that dog­leg-right, here’s the pro­ce­dure: First, aim the club­face at the left edge of the fair­way (above, left); then, set your body lines – feet, hips, shoul­ders – par­al­lel to the line the face is on (above, right). Now you can make your nor­mal swing – no steer­ing! – and your pre­ferred shot shape will move the ball into per­fect po­si­tion.

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