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you step up on short par 4s and your in­stinct is to get as close to the green as pos­si­ble, so you whale away with your driver. That’s okay for good play­ers, but golfers less skilled with wedges need to look at the shot they’re leav­ing them­selves. If you’re play­ing a 300-me­tre hole and you drive it 240, the re­main­ing 60-me­tre shot can be one of the tough­est.Add in a small green or deep front bunker – com­mon fea­tures on short par 4s – and you can make a big num­ber fast.

The trick on these holes is to drive the ball to your favourite wedge dis­tance. For some play­ers, it’s a full wedge, like 110 me­tres, or a three-quar­ter shot of 80 or 90 me­tres .Then you look at the length of the hole (300) and sub­tract your favourite dis­tance (110) to fig­ure out what you want from your tee shot. In this case, cov­er­ing 190 me­tres might mean hit­ting a hy­brid or long iron .Then just com­mit to cov­er­ing that dis­tance, not swing­ing like you have a driver in your hands. You’ll make more birdies that way than try­ing to pitch it close from an awkward dis­tance nearer the green.

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