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this one’s a clas­sic. You see the fair­way rising in front of you and think you have to help the ball up. So what do you do? You play the ball way for­ward in your stance or hang back and flip your hands up­ward at im­pact. These moves are not re­li­able and of­ten lead to topped drives or hit­ting the ground be­hind the ball – the dreaded drop-kick.

It’s true, you want to cre­ate more carry on up­hill shots, but you have to do it the right way. Take your nor­mal ad­dress (above, left), then move your back foot 10 or 12 cen­time­tres to your right, widen­ing your stance (above, right). This will an­gle your up­per body a lit­tle more away from the tar­get. You’ll make a good turn and be able to shift for­ward com­ing down and still be be­hind the ball so you can hit up on it slightly. That up­swing hit cre­ates a high launch. Re­mem­ber, the tee box of an up­hill hole is as level as any other; no need to ad­just your swing. Just set up be­hind the ball a touch, and you’ll get more carry.

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