The drill you need when your swing falls apart

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The drill you need when your swing falls apart.

ith two wins and two sec­ond-place nishes – and reach­ing No 1 in the world in the Rolex rank­ing in 2017 – I had the best year of my ca­reer. But that doesn’t mean my golf swing is al­ways per­fect. There are times when I’m not hit­ting it nearly as well as I want. That’s when I go back to the range. A drill I use to turn things around can help you get your swing back, too.

My in­struc­tor, Cameron McCormick, showed me this Stomp­ing Drill. You might know Cameron be­cause of his work with Jor­dan Spi­eth. I love this drill be­cause it can im­prove your tim­ing, bal­ance, weight shift, foot­work and more. I have a bad habit of let­ting my body ro­tate to­wards the tar­get too soon when I hit irons, but this drill helps hold o that ro­ta­tion. De­lay­ing that ro­ta­tion also can cure a slice, be­cause it im­proves swing path. You won’t cut across the ball as much.

Here’s how it works: Grab an iron and get in your ad­dress pos­ture with your feet close to­gether. As you start your back­swing, take a side­step away from the tar­get with your back foot. Then, as you reach the top of your back­swing, lift your front foot up (left) and side­step to­wards the tar­get, plant­ing that foot again be­fore swing­ing down into the ball. Sidestep­ping with each foot trains you to shift your weight cor­rectly. It also helps com­plete the back­swing be­fore start­ing the down­swing, great for sync­ing things up. As a bonus, it helps you feel how to push o the ground to gen­er­ate more power. It’s go­ing to take a lit­tle prac­tice to do this drill cor­rectly, so go slow at rst. But it will help you get your swing back. –

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