Your 2018 Golf Horoscope

Golf Digest (South Africa) - - Contents - By Max Adler

Your 2018 golf horoscope.


Your nat­u­ral op­ti­mism and fear­less­ness make you a fit leader in team scram­bles. Care­ful not to sab­o­tage your tee-off or­der and shot-se­lec­tion strate­gies by over­do­ing it at the bev­er­age cart.


Steady and pa­tient, you refuse to be goaded by sucker flags, which leads to wins. But triv­ial com­pli­ca­tions, like a rain de­lay or play­ing through, up­end your tempo. Never check your email on the course.


You know how to en­joy life’s riches. Oth­ers leave the course smil­ing in no small part be­cause of you. Yet your wells of charm have a bot­tom. Try of­fer­ing to cover the guest fee once in a while.


You’re a quiet com­peti­tor, your heart set not so much in the win­ning but the try­ing. Though you’re in­tensely loyal to those in your golf life, ex­tend­ing this emo­tion to inan­i­mate ob­jects is sick. It’s time to buy new golf shoes.


Your emo­tions are vis­i­ble to all, and there’s ge­nius in how you harness blunt hon­esty to make a com­plex game sim­pler. But you need to apol­o­gise to the group in front right now.


If only ev­ery­one re­paired div­ots and pitch marks as lov­ingly. But your at­ten­tion to de­tail leads to short­sighted think­ing. It’s the num­bers on the score­card, not the launch mon­i­tor, that mat­ter.


Your har­mo­nious na­ture means in­ter-four­ball scuf­fles sel­dom es­ca­late un­der your watch. But peo­ple are notic­ing how you play both sides. Ditch­ing your reg­u­lar game for a bet­ter of­fer last Satur­day wasn’t cool.


You’re a shrewd ne­go­tia­tor of hand­i­cap strokes. Are your per­sonal re­la­tion­ships be­ing af­fected by this suc­ces­sat-all-costs at­ti­tude? No­tice the tepis ef­fort oth­ers give look­ing for your lost balls.


Lucky breaks – an op­po­nent three-putting, a kind cart­path bounce, that ranger you don’t like mov­ing else­where – are com­ing your way. Don’t squan­der them by bet­ting like a wimp.


Be­cause you see the beauty in what oth­ers dis­miss as craven con­sis­tency, you can have a game plan and stick to it. But hit, al­ready. This isn’t the Masters, bub.


Re­gard­less of skill level, you un­der­stand that a cen­tral essence of golf is to give back. Try di­rect­ing this more to­wards char­i­ties and children, and less to the pond on 18.


You know when your part­ner needs a kind word and when to keep quiet. This in­tu­ition for hu­man emo­tion is wasted at work. Is this the year you quit the desk job, start cad­dieing and re­assess?

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