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▶ One of my men­tors, the late Ken Ven­turi, came up with this great anal­ogy to get golfers to un­der­stand how to lag the club. It’s like the mo­tion your hands make when you’re paint­ing a wall. What­ever di­rec­tion your hands move, the paint­brush does, too, but in a trail­ing po­si­tion. That’s key. To ap­ply this con­cept when prac­tis­ing your golf swing, ad­dress a ball. As you start your back­swing, let your hands and the han­dle of the club move away from the tar­get be­fore the club­head does

(bot­tom le). Feel the club­head lag­ging be­hind your hand ac­tion. Then, as you get to the top and start to swing down, again let the hands and han­dle move be­fore the club­head changes di­rec­tion – just like the stroke of a paint­brush. Two more down­swing thoughts to cre­ate lag prop­erly: (1) Al­ways start down with your lower body; lead foot press­ing into the ground and the hips un­wind­ing to­wards the tar­get. (2) Keep your lead arm con­nected to your chest. Feel like the arms are be­ing pulled into im­pact by your body ro­ta­tion.

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