3 ways to pre-set pure im­pact

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Im­prove your iron im­pact. By Michael Breed

heck out my down­swing here. I call this the de­liv­ery po­si­tion. The closer you get to im­pact, the less you can do – or undo – be­fore you hit the ball.You’re ba­si­cally on cruise con­trol.That said, you can mon­i­tor this po­si­tion when you prac­tice. Swing down, stop here, and check three things.

You can see my knees are shift­ing to­wards the tar­get, and I’m start­ing to roll onto my right in­step.This means I’m mak­ing a proper weight shift to my left side, which will help me strike the ball, then the ground for crisp con­tact. Also, I’m post­ing up on my left leg, push­ing o the ground.That up­ward thrust is a ma­jor speed gen­er­a­tor.

At this point in the down­swing, a lot of am­a­teurs have straight­ened the trail arm; they try to use it to cre­ate power from the top of the swing.When it stays bent, it keeps the club on an in­side path to the ball, which is best for power.The trail arm shouldn’t fully straighten un­til the club is al­most a me­tre past im­pact.

With the butt end of the club back in front of my right thigh, the shaft is par­al­lel to the ground, which proves I’ve kept my wrists hinged. Play­ers who think they need to ip the face closed or help the ball up un­hinge the wrists too soon. Keep­ing them loaded gives you a burst of speed at im­pact and pre­vents hit­ting the ground be­fore the ball.

There’s so much more to say about the de­liv­ery po­si­tion. Maybe I’ll do a whole show on it. Check out my live golf clinic “The Lead­ing Edge” on Thurs­days at golfdi­ is Golf Di­gest’s Chief Dig­i­tal In­struc­tor.

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