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Re­flect. Usu­ally, peo­ple are so anx­ious to get a clean slate to start the year, they jump straight to what they want to do, says Rob­bins. But first you need to com­plete the les­sons from the year that’s just passed. She has an end-ofyear rit­ual with her hus­band, at their favourite restau­rant. ‘We go through the year, through busi­ness, our fam­ily, our mar­riage and our per­sonal goals.’ They look at what they said they’d do, and at what they did achieve. Only after that do they talk about their plans and goals. ‘I find it to be a very pow­er­ful ex­er­cise be­cause I’m of­ten sur­prised by what ac­tu­ally got done,’ she says.


Set your goals back­wards. ‘Pick a date in time, ex­plain what you’re go­ing to do and work back­wards in terms of the ac­tions you need to take.’ 3 Use the Progress Prin­ci­ple: do­ing some­thing to­wards a goal ev­ery day. It can be some­thing as small as a phone call or prep­ping one healthy meal. ‘Re­search shows this in­creases the rate of ac­tu­ally com­plet­ing the ac­tion from 43% to 76%. 4 Count down! Once you’ve set your goals, at ev­ery mo­ment when you have a choice whether to go to­wards them or not, use The 5 Sec­ond Rule. And have a very Happy New Year.

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