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Makes 8 to 10 small ice lol­lies

Milk-choco­late ice cream 200g milk choco­late 50ml heavy cream

50g gran­u­lated su­gar 350ml low-fat milk

3 to 4 di­ges­tive bis­cuits


2 egg whites

100g gran­u­lated su­gar

Milk-choco­late ice cream 1. Warm up the choco­late and cream in a saucepan, stir­ring con­stantly un­til choco­late is melted. 2. Re­move from heat and stir in the su­gar, then the milk. 3. Blend un­til smooth.

4. Chill the mix­ture, then freeze in an ice-cream maker ac­cord­ing to the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. 5. Crush di­ges­tive bis­cuits. Once the ice cream is frozen, fold in crack­ers and fill into ice lolly moulds. Freeze overnight.


1. In a bowl, beat the egg whites un­til soft peaks form. Grad­u­ally add the su­gar and con­tinue to whisk un­til stiff peaks form.

2. Us­ing a spoon, cover an ice lolly with meringue. Make sure the en­tire sur­face is com­pletely cov­ered with meringue. Us­ing a blow­torch, lightly toast the meringue and re­turn to freezer. Re­peat with re­main­ing lol­lies.

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