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MIDDELBURG — On F­ri­day, De­cem­ber 1, 61 (of the 63) thi­rd y­e­ar stu­dents re­cei­ved their A­gri­cul­tu­re Di­plo­mas at Groot­fon­tein Col­le­ge of A­gri­cul­tu­re on the fi­nal A­ca­de­mic P­res­ti­ge Day.

ASATI P­re­si­dent, San­di­le N­zu­za, ad­dres­sed the ce­re­mo­ny with his last speech in front of his fel­low-stu­dents, DAFF and GADI Di­rec­tors, Staff and Lec­tu­rers, pa­rents & fa­mi­lies. With the­se words he con­clu­ded the 1 043 days sin­ce this group of stu­dents en­te­red G­roofton­tein for the first ti­me:

“I ho­pe your dre­ams ta­ke you to the cor­ners of your smi­les, to the hig­hest of your ho­pes, to the win­dows of your op­por­tu­ni­ties and to the most spe­ci­al pla­ces your he­art has e­ver kno­wn. For­get all the dif­fe­ren­ces the­re may be in li­fe, and just lo­ve, just li­ke Je­sus said in John 15:17. This is my com­mand: Lo­ve e­ach ot­her”, and on­ce you do that you will un­der­stand that you are just as spe­ci­al as John 15:16 says you are.” MIDDELBURG — SANRAL will e­rect a speed­bump at the ho­tel in Mein­tjies S­treet in due cour­se.

It will be the sa­me si­ze as the speed bumps on the na­ti­o­nal ro­ad be­t­ween K­wa­no­za­me and Lu­sa­ka.

Al­so in due cour­se, a 4-way stop will be e­rected at the cor­ner of Mein­tjies and Van der Walt S­treet - SANRAL is al­so in dis­cus­si­on with the Inxu­ba Yet­hem­ba Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty (IYM) re­gar­ding the red li­nes in Mein­tjies S­treet. The tar-te­am of IYM is cur­rent­ly wor­king in Mi­dros until the end of the week. They will pro­ceed to C­hurch S­treet the­re­af­ter. Van­dals

F­re­quent com­plaints from the pu­blic a­bout the van­da­li­sing of hou­se re­fu­se on pa­vements, can be re­du­ced by fol­lo­wing the­se e­a­sy steps:

- If you can af­ford it, or­der or build a wooden/ steel rub­bish col­lecti­on hol­der of a mi­ni­mum heig­ht of 1.5 me­ters. Put the hol­der with the rub­bish out on the pa­vement on col­lecti­on days. This will de­ter van­da­lism. The ma­jo­ri­ty of pe­op­le who go through rub­bish are was­te col­lec­tors who can ma­ke a few bucks by sel­ling it at the was­te re­cy­cling plant out­si­de town.

- In your hou­se­hold/bu­si­ness it is a good i­dea to se­pa­ra­te all GLASS, TIN, PLAS­TIC AND PAPER/CARTON in se­pa­ra­te CLE­AR bags. Put the­se bags out, to­get­her with the rest of your re­fu­se.

This way you can help the en­vi­ron­ment w­hi­le as­sis­ting the needy. Die Van der Mer­we Ge­denk P­ri­mê­re Skool in Middelburg het op 25 No­vem­ber ‘n baie suk­ses­vol­le de­bu­tan­te­bal aan­ge­bied. ‘n Re­kord­be­drag van R160 835 is deur die de­bu­tan­te in­ge­sa­mel ter­wyl die dans R16 300 op­ge­le­wer het. Die bor­ge het met ‘n be­drag van R10 050 ook hul­le deel ge­doen. Die wen­ner was S­ha­ki­ra Min­naar met R29 000, twee­de was Su­ran­ne Mat­hews met R17 320 en der­de Ci­a­ra van Sit­ters met R12 700. Die per­so­neel en be­heer­lig­gaam wil hier­mee die ge­meen­skap van Middelburg en om­lig­gen­de dor­pe be­dank vir hul­le on­der­steu­ning.

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