15 Drost­dy Toyo­ta wins Bu­si­ness Le­a­gue

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The Drost­dy Toyo­ta te­am, com­pri­sing of Noel Tay­lor-free­me, Ja­son Ja­cobs, Sop­pies du Toit and Da­leen Pie­naar re­cei­ved their trop­hy from Mi­la­nie and Han­sie Jor­daan on win­ning the Sum­mer Le­a­gue. GRAAFF-REI­NET — The fi­nal round of the Sum­mer Bu­si­ness Le­a­gue, spon­so­red by S­par, was play­ed on the greens of the Graaff-rei­net Bo­w­ling Club last T­hurs­day e­ve­ning, No­vem­ber 30.

The top two si­des from the pre­vi­ous round, na­me­ly Drost­dy Toyo­ta and Mid­bo­ard, play­ed qua­li­ty bo­wls, but the Drost­dy Toyo­ta te­am kept a cle­an s­la­te to win the Sum­mer Le­a­gue on 10 ga­me points plus 31 shots.

Oc­tof­in fi­nis­hed se­cond, fol­lo­wed by Huis Ey­bers, Mid­bo­ard and Pos­t­net.

The or­ga­ni­sing com­mit­tee ex­pres­sed their thanks to S­par for seeing to it that e­ach of the 30 te­ams re­cei­ved a pri­ze.

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