Lots of cric­ket acti­on in Graaff-reinet t­his wee­kend

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GRAAFF-REINET – T­his wee­kend, Ja­nu­a­ry 11 to 13, U­ni­on High S­chool will be hos­ting their 12th An­nu­al Mi­ca Se­ni­or Cric­ket Fe­s­ti­val.

Vi­si­ting te­ams in­clu­de G­len­wood Hou­se from Dur­ban, Paarl Boys, Paarl Gim­na­si­um, G­rey High S­chool, Mil­ner­ton, S­ti­r­ling, Da­niel Pie­naar, Brand­wag and Mar­low.

U­ni­on in­vi­tes all pa­rents, Old U­ni­o­ni­tes and friends of U­ni­on to co­me and sup­port the cric­ke­ters and to al­so join them for a ste­ak braai on F­ri­day e­ve­ning, Ja­nu­a­ry 11, in the To­ny Bur­rell U­ni­on at 19:00 at on­ly R100 per per­son.


Day 1: 11 Ja­nu­a­ry 2018 De­cla­ra­ti­on Cric­ket

UHS Mur­ray Field: U­ni­on High vs G­len­wood

UHS Put­tick Field: Paarl Boys vs G­rey High

Bo­ta­ni­cs: Mar­low vs Da­niel Pie­naar

Volk­skool: Brand­wag vs Paarl Gim­na­si­um

A­san­te Sa­na: S­ti­r­ling High vs Mil­ner­ton

Day 2: 12 Ja­nu­a­ry - 50 O­vers

UHS Mur­ray Field: U­ni­on High vs S­ti­r­ling High

UHS Put­tick Field: Paarl Gim­na­si­um vs G­rey High

Bo­ta­ni­cs: Brand­wag vs Paarl Boys

Volk­skool: Da­niel Pie­naar vs Mil­ner­ton

A­san­te Sa­na: G­len­wood vs Mar­low

Day 3: 13 Ja­nu­a­ry - 20 O­vers

UHS Mur­ray Field: U­ni­on High vs Mil­ner­ton

UHS Put­tick Field : G­len­wood vs Paarl Boys

Bo­ta­ni­cs: Mar­low vs Paarl Gim­na­si­um

Volk­skool: S­ti­r­ling High vs Brand­wag

A­san­te Sa­na: Da­niel Pie­naar vs G­rey High

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