Po­li­ce re­port rash of bre­ak-ins and theft du­ring ho­li­day

Graaff-Reinet Advertiser - - Voorblad -

A­BER­DEEN - Du­ring the past three weeks, t­he­re ha­ve been six re­por­ted ca­ses of hou­se­bre­a­king and theft in the A­ber­deen a­rea, with all ex­cept one being in Lo­tus­vil­le.

Two ar­res­ts ha­ve been ma­de so far, one being of theft by a man who was wor­king in a hou­se as a ca­su­al pain­ter and sto­le a pair of shoes. Re­si­dents are re­min­der to be very a­wa­re w­hen em­ploying unkno­wn ca­su­al la­bou­rers. T­he­re was one ca­se o­pe­ned of at­temp­ted mur­der. On F­ri­day, Ja­nu­a­ry 5, po­li­ce re­cei­ved a com­plaint from the o­w­ner of a farm that fa­mi­ly mem­bers who we­re vi­si­ting a neig­hbou­ring farm we­re thre­a­tening him. A shot was he­ard, and on ar­ri­val, the in­ves­ti­ga­ting of­fi­cer found a spent car­trid­ge. By t­his sta­ge, the vi­si­tors had al­re­a­dy left.

T­he­re we­re al­so two in­quest doc­kets o­pe­ned. A 64-y­e­ar-old man, who had co­me back to A­ber­deen for the ho­li­days from Gans­baai, was found de­ad in his bed on De­cem­ber 29 by his grand­son. The se­cond ca­se was a 30-y­e­ar-old Lo­tus­vil­le wo­man who went out drin­king with her boyf­riend on Ja­nu­a­ry 1, went ho­me at mid­nig­ht, and fai­led to wa­ke w­hen her two month old ba­by cried in the nig­ht. Both de­at­hs we­re re­cor­ded as na­tu­ral cau­ses.

The vast ma­jo­ri­ty of ca­ses o­ver t­his pe­ri­od we­re mo­to­ring re­la­ted, as is to be ex­pected at such a bu­sy ti­me on the ro­ads. T­he­re we­re two ca­ses of drun­ken dri­ving. In the e­ar­ly hours of De­cem­ber 31, a 46-y­e­ar-old man from T­hem­ba­le­si­z­we was stop­ped in Lo­tus­vil­le by a po­li­ce pa­trol as he was dri­ving er­ra­ti­cal­ly. He was char­ged with drun­ken dri­ving, and for dri­ving wit­hout a li­cen­ce. Mid-af­ter­noon the sa­me day, a traf­fic of­fi­cer ar­res­ted a man at the juncti­on of the N9 and R61 just out­si­de A­ber­deen. The man ad­mit­ted to ha­ving been drin­king, but clai­med that he was rus­hing to the farm w­he­re his son stays af­ter get­ting a call that his son had been stung by a scor­pi­on. A friend tra­vel­ling in a­not­her car was a­ble to fe­tch the child and ta­ke him to hos­pi­tal.

Three ca­ses of reckless and neg­li­gent dri­ving we­re o­pe­ned by po­li­ce of­fi­ci­als and traf­fic of­fi­cers. One in­vol­ved a 36 y­e­ar old man from Jo­han­nes­burg, who was re­tur­ning ho­me af­ter a ho­li­day in Ge­or­ge. His Mer­ce­des SUV was cloc­ked at 169km/hour on a stretch of the N9 be­t­ween A­ber­deen and Graaff-reinet.

Two pas­sen­gers and the dri­ver of a Ma­z­da 323, tra­vel­ling from the for­mer Trans­kei to Ca­pe Town, we­re kil­led in an ac­ci­dent on the N9, be­t­ween A­ber­deen and Graaff-reinet. The dri­ver al­le­ge­d­ly lost con­t­rol, and the car rol­led se­ver­al ti­mes.

The sur­vi­ving pas­sen­ger, who was the o­w­ner of the vehi­cle, es­ca­ped with on­ly a small cut on his fa­ce.

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