Art Club mem­bers ex­cel at De­spa­tch Kuns­te­fees

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On Tu­es­day, 8 May, 13 gi­rls tra­vel­led to De­spa­tch to re­pre­sent U­ni­on High at the bi-an­nu­al De­spa­tch Kuns­te­fees. To­get­her they pre­pa­red 29 i­tems ran­ging from poe­try, mo­no­lo­gues, dra­ma­ti­sed pro­se, di­a­lo­gues and dra­ma­ti­sed poe­try. The le­ar­ners did ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly well. They we­re a­war­ded two B’s, two B+’s, ni­ne A’s, and 11 A+s. U­ni­on is very ex­ci­ted a­bout the fi­ve A++ (a­bo­ve 90%) cer­ti­fi­ca­tes a­war­ded to three of their ex­tre­me­ly ta­len­ted gi­rls. The re­sults are as fol­lows: A­mahle Fin­ca (A), Ke­o­a­ra­na Le­tu­be (A, A), Mu­sa Z­we­ni (A, A), Sasha Co­chra­ne (A, A+), A­zi­za M­du­du­ma (A+, A+), Si­sipho de Vos (B, B+, A), Aa­mi­nah S­tee­le (B, A, A+), Lo­li­tha Sa­ki (B+, B+, A+), E­rin Ge­dult (A, A+, A+), Ca­dee A­rends (A+, A+, A+), B­ri­get­te Oe­lof­sen (A+, A++, A++), Cai­trin S­pen­ce (A+, A++, A++) and Ra­chel Hou­se­man (A+, A+, A+, A++).

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