A tric­ky en­coun­ter

Graaff-Reinet Advertiser - - Voorblad -

On Sa­tur­day U­ni­on’s first hoc­key te­am play­ed Cra­dock in a tric­ky en­coun­ter on a grass sur­fa­ce. The te­am de­ser­ves much prai­se as they ap­pro­a­ched the ga­me with com­ple­te pro­fes­si­o­na­lism, and tho­roughly en­joy­ed the en­coun­ter. The gi­rls do­mi­na­ted the ga­me, but could not fi­nish their op­por­tu­ni­ties, win­ning 1-0. S­pe­ci­al men­ti­on must be ma­de of Jen­na M­cnaug­h­ton who play­ed ex­tre­me­ly well. In ot­her results, U­ni­on’s U.16 te­am be­at Cra­dock’s thi­rd te­am 12 - 0 and the se­cond te­am won 3 - 0. Seen he­re is U­ni­on’s first hoc­key te­am af­ter their ga­me on Sa­tur­day.

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