U­nog­wa­ja cy­clis­ts get a rou­sing wel­co­me

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GRAAFF-REI­NET — On Sun­day mor­ning, cy­clis­ts par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the U­nog­wa­ja C­hal­len­ge, ma­de their way in­to Graaff-rei­net. The U­nog­wa­ja chal­len­gers star­ted their jour­ney in Ca­pe To­wn on T­hurs­day, 31 May, bound for Pie­ter­ma­ritz­burg via the Ka­roo, E­as­tern Ca­pe and K­wazu­lu-na­tal. T­his 10-day, 1 660km cy­cle from Ca­pe To­wn to Pie­ter­ma­ritz­burg to ta­ke part in the Com­ra­des Ma­ra­thon on the 11th day is a jour­ney of the he­art in­spi­red by P­hil Mas­ter­ton-s­mith (w­ho­se nick­na­me was “U­nog­wa­ja” me­a­ning ha­re in Zu­lu). In 1933, Mas­ter­ton-s­mith li­ved in Ca­pe To­wn and could not af­ford the train fa­re to Pie­ter­ma­ritz­burg for the start of the Com­ra­des Ma­ra­thon. He got on his bi­ke and he cy­cled t­he­re. To­day his coura­ge and de­ter­mi­na­ti­on in the fa­ce of ad­ver­si­ty are at the co­re of the U­nog­wa­ja C­hal­len­ge which has be­co­me an an­nu­al jour­ney that star­ted in 2011 and brings to­get­her a small group of pe­op­le cho­sen from all o­ver the wor­ld for t­his s­pe­ci­al mis­si­on of ho­pe a­cross South A­fri­ca. On Sun­day, 3 Ju­ne, Day 4 of the c­hal­len­ge, the U­nog­wa­ja te­am cy­cled the stretch be­t­ween Wil­low­mo­re and Graaff-rei­net. "Day 4 e­pi­to­mi­zed the lands­ca­pe of the Ka­roo: long, straig­ht, flat ro­ads and spar­se ve­ge­ta­ti­on! It is a day w­he­re te­am­work is vi­tal, and the te­am tru­ly ex­cel­led. We wor­ked hard to­get­her and got gre­at mo­men­tum on the flat ro­ads, whi­le each ri­der tried to keep a­he­ad in the wind­mill ga­me!” said one of the cy­clis­ts. He con­ti­nu­ed, "The shor­ter dis­tan­ce of 175km and a tail­wind me­ant that we got to our des­ti­na­ti­on much e­ar­lier than the pre­vi­ous three days. A lar­ge group of boys and gi­rls from U­ni­on High met us at Cal­tex on their bi­kes and es­cor­ted us to Art­hur King­will Hou­se, our stop for the nig­ht. The bi­kes we­re do­na­ted to the school by Pe­dals for Pe­a­ce and de­li­ver­ed by our­sel­ves du­ring a vi­sit to the school in No­vem­ber last Wa­tch vi­deo at www.graaff­rei­ne­t­ad­ver­ti­ser.com The U­nog­wa­ja te­am at U­ni­on’s Art­hur King­will Hou­se. y­e­ar. It is gre­at to see the le­ar­ners on bi­kes and their sup­port was much ap­pre­ci­a­ted!" Ma­king the most of the e­ar­ly day, the te­am put on their run­ning shoes for a walk/ run through the streets of Graaff-rei­net be­fo­re star­ting their re­gu­lar rou­ti­ne of a mas­sa­ge fol­lo­wed by din­ner. A s­pe­ci­al e­ve­ning fol­lo­wed w­he­re­by so­me of the te­am mem­bers shared their sto­ries of mo­ti­va­ti­on with the hos­tel boys; an e­ve­ning which al­ways in­spi­res the youn­ger ge­ne­ra­ti­on. E­ar­ly Mon­day mor­ning, the te­am star­ted their cy­cle to the Vu­ka­se­ben­ze S­hel­ter in Cra­dock - one of U­nog­wa­ja's be­ne­fi­ci­a­ries.

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