Don’t pa­nic, it’s on­ly an ex­am

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be­st, but know that the re­sults won’t be a me­a­su­re of you. The­re is no ex­am, block of ex­ams, or as­ses­sment that will e­ven co­me c­lo­se to sho­wing w­hat you are ca­pa­ble of, or the li­fe that’s wai­ting for you.

E­du­ca­ti­on is po­wer­ful, but so­me of the most po­wer­ful t­hings your ti­me at school would ha­ve gi­ven you won’t be found on the pa­ges of your nu­me­rous text­books.

Your e­du­ca­ti­on has gi­ven you the ca­pa­ci­ty to ha­ve a voi­ce and a pre­sen­ce - w­het­her that’s through the way you use words, the way you cre­a­te, the way you play sport or per­form – or may­be it’s so­mething el­se.

It’s sho­wn you that set­backs are tem­po­ra­ry, di­sap­point­ment doe­sn’t last and e­nough coura­ge can lift you out of a­ny­w­he­re. It’s gi­ven you op­por­tu­ni­ties to flou­rish your re­si­lien­ce and your wis­dom a­bout the way the wor­ld works. It’s sho­wn you a lot - a lot - a­bout pe­op­le, and gi­ven you in­sig­ht that can on­ly co­me from ex­pe­rien­cing good on­es and not so good on­es.

It’s taug­ht you a­bout the re­la­ti­ons­hips to seek out and the on­es to s­teer cle­ar of you’ll co­me a­cross plen­ty of both.

Ho­pe­ful­ly, a­bo­ve all el­se, it’s taug­ht you that you can le­arn a­ny­thing and do a­ny­thing w­hen you put in the ef­fort.

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