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Du­ring the re­cent Ka­roo-lus Fe­s­ti­val in Graaff-rei­net, the Cam­de­boo S­te­ri­li­za­ti­on I­ni­ti­a­ti­ve (CSI) ga­ve proud pet o­w­ners the op­por­tu­ni­ty to sho­w­ca­se their pre­ci­ous pets at their Com­mu­ni­ty Dog S­how.

A w­hop­ping 48 en­tries we­re re­cei­ved, with all tho­se who at­ten­ded saying they had lots of fun.

The fi­ve wi­de­ly va­rying ca­te­go­ries of­fe­red food pri­zes spon­so­red by Mon­te­go Pet Nutri­ti­on.

The be­st-look­ing dogs vied for the tit­le of Mr and Miss K-9 Ka­roo-lus 2018.

In this ca­te­go­ry, Le­o­nard Jo­seph’s pup Blue was cro­w­ned as Mr K-9 Ka­roo-lus and Ann­chen W­rig­ht’s Jo­sie as Miss K-9 Ka­roo-lus.

For o­w­ners w­ho­se dogs are mo­re “cha­rac­ter” than looks, the­re we­re ot­her op­por­tu­ni­ties to be a win­ner.

The ca­te­go­ry for the most muscu­lar dog was won by E­lis­ma S­mit’s Ben, whi­le, at the ot­her end of the spectrum, the ca­te­go­ry for the most dain­ty or pe­ti­te dog was won by Sam­my Pil­cher’s Mie­la.

The fi­nal ca­te­go­ry was cal­led Ce­le­bra­ting the Ka­roo Mutt - i­de­al for tho­se pa­vement spe­ci­als who are so of­ten full of cha­rac­ter, lo­ve and de­vo­ti­on.

This was won by Jo­han­nes Kru­ger and his spe­ci­al dog Buks.

The or­ga­ni­sers would li­ke to ex­tend a he­art­felt word of thanks to e­very per­son and their pooch that en­te­red the com­pe­ti­ti­on, as well as to e­ver­yo­ne who just ca­me out to s­how their sup­port.

Thanks are al­so ex­ten­ded to Mon­te­go Pet Nutri­ti­on for the op­por­tu­ni­ty to host the s­how as well as for the food pri­zes and goodie bags spon­so­red, to Di­a­ne Pet Food for the col­lars and le­as­hes spon­so­red, to the win­ners who cho­se to do­na­te their pri­zes back to A­ni­mal Wel­fa­re, as well as to the fol­lo­wing com­pa­nies for lucky draw pri­zes spon­so­red: San­tam In­su­ran­ce, Cam­de­boo Vet C­li­nic and Graaff-rei­net Vet C­li­nic (Dr Lar­son).

CSI spon­so­red a dog­gie bed, blan­kie and toy as a spe­ci­al jud­ges’ pri­ze that went to the com­pe­ti­ti­on’s Miss Con­ge­ni­a­li­ty Qu­er­vo, wal­ked by Ila­na Vor­ster.

“T­hank you al­so to e­very per­son or com­pa­ny who has sup­por­ted the CSI Com­mu­ni­ty Dog S­how o­ver the last fi­ve y­e­ars,” said Er­ma Voigt of CSI. “We are very gra­te­ful to all for ma­king this a success e­very y­e­ar.”

Le­o­nard Jo­seph’s pup, Blue was cro­w­ned as Mr K-9 Ka­roo-lus. Ann­chen W­rig­ht’s Jo­sie won the Miss K-9 Ka­roo-lus tit­le.

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