404 un­wan­ted pets ta­ken in by the SPCA this y­e­ar

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Hil­la­ry C­hap­lin, the ne­w­ly-ap­poin­ted in­spec­tor for the Graaff-rei­net and dis­trict SPCA, is very con­cer­ned at the hu­ge in­cre­a­se in the number of dogs sur­ren­de­red to the or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on this y­e­ar.

So far in 2018, 404 a­ni­mals ha­ve been sur­ren­de­red - al­most dou­ble the number (220) for the sa­me pe­ri­od in 2017.

For a small SPCA, this in­cre­a­se is hu­ge, and very wor­rying. Of­ten pe­op­le ci­te fi­nan­ci­al dif­fi­cul­ties as the re­a­son for sur­ren­de­ring their pets, ma­ny of which are pe­digree dogs.

The SPCA would li­ke to en­coura­ge all pet o­w­ners to be re­spon­si­ble and ta­ke their a­ni­mals to the vet and ha­ve them ste­ri­li­zed.

This a­lar­ming in­cre­a­se in pets ta­ken to the SPCA, whi­le cau­sing ma­ny pro­blems, should not ho­we­ver dis­coura­ge o­w­ners from sur­ren­de­ring un­wan­ted pets. The SPCA will col­lect un­wan­ted a­ni­mals at any ti­me of day or nig­ht, free of char­ge, to pre­vent cru­el­ty to­wards the un­wan­ted pets.

“Ple­a­se pho­ne us on 049 891 0256 or 083 641 9180 if you don’t want your pet any mo­re, or el­se ar­ran­ge ste­ri­li­za­ti­on and stop ad­ding to the o­ver­po­pu­la­ti­on, as ma­ny of the­se in­no­cent pup­pies and kit­tens end up un­wan­ted,” said C­hap­lin.

So far in 2018, 404 a­ni­mals ha­ve been sur­ren­de­red to the lo­cal SPCA - al­most dou­ble com­pa­red to 2017.

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