Ka­roo-lus 2018 at­tracts 8200 fes­ti­val­goers

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Af­ter eig­ht y­e­ars of going from strength to strength, the fi­nal fi­gu­res for the last e­ver Ka­rool­us Fe­s­ti­val ha­ve now been pu­blis­hed. T­his y­e­ar the at­ten­dan­ce fi­gu­res so­a­red to 8 200 - o­ver a thou­sand mo­re than in 2017. The Wind­pomp run at­trac­ted al­most 600 en­trants, and the or­ga­ni­sers of the fe­s­ti­val are very gra­te­ful to the Graaff-rei­net Run­ning Club for their sup­port in brin­ging ex­tra pe­op­le to the town du­ring the Fe­s­ti­val wee­kend. The an­nu­al Sum­mit Wild­li­fe Aucti­on was at­ten­ded by o­ver a thou­sand pe­op­le, and a­gain, ma­ny of the­se we­re at­trac­ted to the town du­ring the fe­s­ti­val and stay­ed on to en­joy ma­ny of the e­vents. The squash tou­r­na­ment, which was ful­ly book­ed well be­fo­re the e­vent, al­so broug­ht play­ers and their fa­mi­lies from far and wi­de. Ni­ne lo­cal groups which ran dif­fe­rent fun e­vents o­ver the wee­kend e­ach be­ne­fit­ted to the tu­ne of R15 000. The cha­ri­ties in­vol­ved we­re CSI a­ni­mal wel­fa­re group, who ran the well-sup­por­ted Dog Show, ACCV Huis van de Graaff for the Re­cy­cle Fashi­on Show, Rap­port­ry­ers for Kou­ples Ka­roo- lus, the Ge­re­for­meer­de Kerk for the Vin­ta­ge Cars Dis­play and the or­ga­ni­sers of the Koe­ke­door­tjies, Pink T­rees for Pau­li­ne. Four schools we­re al­so in­vol­ved in or­ga­ni­sing e­vents, al­so re­cei­ving R15 000 e­ach. Wep­pie P­rep­pie hos­ted the Wil­de Woes­te Wed­loop, Let’splay pre-s­chool ran the Tug of War com­pe­ti­ti­on, Ho­ër Volk­skool or­ga­ni­sed the Vol­ley­ball tou­r­na­ment, and Tin­ker­bell S­chool ar­ran­ged and ran the child-min­ding Kid­dies’ Tent. The Nar­sing­straat Mon­te­go pro­ject al­so be­ne­fit­ted with a do­na­ti­on of R30 000, and the C­hi­nel­le's S­chool of Dan­cing was gi­ven R10 000. Bo­ta­ni­cs S­ports Grounds and Le­gends S­ports Bar and G­rill ve­nue we­re gi­ven R20 000 for the use of their fa­ci­li­ties, and the Volk­skool Oud­sko­lie­re­bond was gi­ven the sa­me a­mount for their bar du­ties. U­ni­on High S­chool, who ma­de their ve­nue a­vai­la­ble at no char­ge for the last four y­e­ars, was al­so gi­ven a do­na­ti­on of R10 000. The or­ga­ni­sers are ex­tre­me­ly gra­te­ful to all the spon­sors for their ge­ne­rous sup­port, which ma­de a tre­men­dous con­tri­bu­ti­on to the success­ful run­ning of the e­vent.

T­his y­e­ar the Ka­roo-lus Fe­s­ti­val’s at­ten­dan­ce fi­gu­res so­a­red to 8 200 - o­ver a thou­sand mo­re than in 2017.

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