Get in­no­va­ti­ve amid crip­pling droug­ht

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Much has been writ­ten a­bout the on­going droug­ht and cri­ti­cal wa­ter shor­ta­ges in Graaff-rei­net and sur­rounds. The le­vel of the N­q­we­ba Dam, which cur­rent­ly stands at 7.32%, be­ars tes­ta­ment to the de­bi­li­ta­ting droug­ht crip­pling the a­rea. If the­re's one thing that's cer­tain, it is that the droug­ht con­di­ti­ons, which ha­ve been pre­va­lent sin­ce 2014, ha­ve high­lig­h­ted the im­por­tan­ce of wa­ter pre­ser­va­ti­on in any form. For mo­re than a y­e­ar, the de­cli­ne in the N­q­we­ba Dam's wa­ter le­vel has left the town un­der a se­ri­ous wa­ter cri­sis, for­cing the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty to im­po­se wa­ter re­stricti­ons, whi­le war­ning re­si­dents that e­very ef­fort must be ma­de to pre­ser­ve the wa­ter sup­ply. A­part from the towns' wa­ter woes, the­re's al­so a gre­at de­al to wor­ry a­bout dee­per in­to the sur­roun­ding farm­lands of the Eas­tern Ca­pe. As with the town, far­mers in the re­gi­on al­so re­ly he­a­vi­ly on wa­ter from both ce­ment and ground dams for a­gri­cul­tu­re and do­mes­tic con­sump­ti­on. The fai­lu­re of dams, ho­we­ver, to hold wa­ter for long pe­ri­ods can pro­ve de­t­ri­men­tal. Lo­sing small a­mounts of wa­ter in re­ser­voirs is al­so in­e­vi­ta­ble with e­va­po­ra­ti­on ta­king pla­ce con­stant­ly du­ring the hot we­at­her. But, he­re too, seepa­ge as a re­sult of poor main­te­nan­ce or cracks in the con­cre­te can al­so sig­ni­fi­cant­ly re­du­ce the a­mount of re­ser­ved wa­ter. Ze­bra So­lu­ti­ons in Graaff-rei­net of­fer a sim­ple and cost-ef­fecti­ve so­lu­ti­on to pre­ser­ving the qua­li­ty of wa­ter and mi­ni­mi­zing wa­ter loss in dams to pro­tect it for use - i.e. the in­stal­la­ti­on of good qua­li­ty ce­ment dam li­ners com­bi­ned with shade cloth co­vers to cut wa­ter los­ses from both seepa­ge and e­va­po­ra­ti­ve los­ses with the ad­ded be­ne­fit of ex­ten­ding the PVC li­ners li­fe­span. Dam li­ners are a sim­ple yet cos­tef­fecti­ve way to wa­ter­p­roof­ing ce­ment and ground dams as well as re­ser­voirs. In fact, the in­stal­la­ti­on of a li­ner of­fers the lo­west ca­pi­tal in­put cost per lit­re for ce­ment an ground dams and re­ser­voirs. "Our PVC li­ners are an ef­fecti­ve bar­rier a­gainst wa­ter loss cau­sed by seepa­ge and are gre­at for far­ming, mu­ni­ci­pal and in­dus­tri­al ap­pli­ca­ti­ons," said Al­bert Lom­bard of Ze­bra So­lu­ti­ons. "The com­pa­ny's li­ners are suit­a­ble for ma­ny ap­pli­ca­ti­ons and are gua­ran­teed to ren­der ce­ment and ground dams as well as re­ser­voirs wa­ter­tig­ht." Ze­bra So­lu­ti­ons spe­ci­a­li­ses in the sup­ply and in­stal­la­ti­on of dam li­ners that are pre­ma­de to the client's spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons, re­a­dy to li­ne both ce­ment and ground dams as well as re­ser­voirs. The com­pa­ny - ha­ving been es­ta­blis­hed in 2006 as one of the first com­pa­nies in the coun­try to of­fer t­his ser­vi­ce - has in­stal­led mo­re than 2 000 li­ners re­gi­o­nal­ly and in doing so has gai­ned a re­pu­ta­ble re­pu­ta­ti­on as one of the le­a­ders in t­his field and can in­stall or sup­ply dam li­nings coun­try-wi­de. Lom­bard high­lig­hts that Ze­bra So­lu­ti­ons can either sup­ply DIY li­ners to cu­s­to­mers who ha­ve the ne­ces­sa­ry techni­cal skills to in­stall it them­sel­ves or in­stall the li­ner for its clients. "Ho­we­ver, t­his does not ap­ply to HDPE spe­ci­a­li­sed ground dam li­ners, which we in­stall u­ti­li­sing spe­ci­a­li­sed wel­ding ma­chi­ne­ry. The ma­chi­ne­ry ef­fecti­ve­ly fu­ses the ma­te­ri­al and en­s­u­re lon­ge­vi­ty. Spe­ci­a­li­sed HDPE li­ners can last up to 15 y­e­ars," he con­clu­des. Anyo­ne who would li­ke mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on on the pro­duct can con­tact Al­bert @ Ze­bra So­lu­ti­ons at 082 702 6022 or by E-mail: al­bert@ze­bra­so­lu­ti­

A PVC li­ning is a cost-ef­fecti­ve way of wa­ter­p­roof­ing an old ce­ment dam.

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