Flo­wer fest a fra­grant and fun-fil­led af­fair

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T­his y­e­ar, the an­nu­al Flo­wer Show at St Ja­mes’ Ang­li­can Church was very dif­fe­rent to pre­vi­ous y­e­ars - no mo­re spec­ta­cu­lar sho­wy ar­ran­ge­ments (mos­t­ly of flo­wers boug­ht at gre­at cost), but inste­ad, rus­tic ba­s­kets of glo­ri­ous co­lour, sim­ply ar­ran­ged to show off their beau­ty. T­ho­se wis­hing to be in­vol­ved we­re as­ked to bring al­ong their cre­a­ti­ons, al­re­a­dy ar­ran­ged in a bas­ket. The or­ga­ni­sers then had the re­la­ti­ve­ly sim­ple task of de­ci­ding w­he­re to pla­ce e­ach bas­ket to sho­w­ca­se it to its be­st ad­van­ta­ge. In ad­di­ti­on to the flo­ral ba­s­kets, so­me pe­op­le broug­ht al­ong farm-fresh ve­ge­ta­bles, which we­re in keeping with the church’s Har­vest Fe­s­ti­val, held the sa­me wee­kend. Small mi­ni­a­tu­re succu­lent gar­dens we­re al­so a re­min­der of the mag­ni­fi­cen­ce of the­se in­di­ge­nous plants in t­his part of the Ka­roo. In a let­ter sent out to pa­ris­hi­o­ners a­he­ad of ti­me, the que­s­ti­on of w­hat to do with all the co­at hooks on one wall of the en­tran­ce hall was po­sed. W­hoe­ver ca­me up with the i­dea of pla­cing a va­ri­e­ty of sum­me­ry hats on the pegs was ob­vi­ous­ly in­spi­red, as they ma­de a very eye-ca­t­ching dis­play in the foy­er, al­ong with the litt­le bott­les of flo­wers from U­ni­on Pre-pri­ma­ry pu­pils. In­spi­ring or­gan mu­sic was play­ed throug­hout the day, by A­da­leen Nel in the mor­ning, and Garth Hit­ge af­ter lunch. Pat Wal­lis and her te­am did a ro­a­ring tra­de in tea and sco­nes in the mor­ning, and ba­re­ly had ti­me to cle­ar a­way be­fo­re the lunch te­am took o­ver. Fe­li­ci­ty Min­naar and E­vet­te Hol­mes or­ga­ni­sed the u­su­al de­li­ci­ous me­al that gue­sts ha­ve co­me to ex­pect at functi­ons at St Ja­mes. The ex­tra ef­fort in­vol­ved in ser­ving me­als out­si­de in the ver­dant garden cer­tain­ly paid off, as ma­ny gue­sts com­men­ted on the beau­ti­ful re­lax­ing sur­roun­dings. The or­ga­ni­sers of t­his y­e­ar’s Flo­wer Show ha­ve cer­tain­ly set a high stan­dard for y­e­ars to co­me, and Pat Wal­lis, Moy­ra Ma­rais, Val Loock, Hi­la­ry Pal­me and Ma­ri­on Ru­bid­ge are to be con­g­ra­tu­la­ted on brin­ging so­mething dif­fe­rent but e­qual­ly im­pres­si­ve to the e­vent. “I am most gra­te­ful for the S­pi­rit in which the Flo­wer Show was con­ducted in e­very re­gard,” said Rec­tor, Re­vd Dr Mark Ma­rais.

Rus­tic ba­s­kets with glo­ri­ous flo­wer ar­ran­ge­ments fil­led the St Ja­mes’ Ang­li­can Church.

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