Club en­joys fac­to­ry’s hos­pi­ta­li­ty

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A­BER­DEEN — Mem­bers of A­ber­deen Garden and So­ci­al Club re­cent­ly paid a vi­sit to the Mon­te­go Pet Nutri­ti­on fac­to­ry in Graaff­rei­net.

“A tour through t­his fac­to­ry chan­ges one's per­cep­ti­on a­bout pet food for e­ver,” said chai­r­per­son Estel­le van Wyk, who, al­ong with the ot­her vi­si­tors, was im­pres­sed by the high va­lue the o­w­ners put on hy­gie­ne and se­cu­ri­ty.

“All the in­gre­dients u­sed in the ma­nu­fac­tu­ring of the dog food is fit for hu­man con­sump­ti­on, and so­me of the mem­bers e­ven sam­pled so­me pel­lets!”

Mon­te­go de­li­vers an ex­cel­lent ser­vi­ce in Graaff-rei­net pro­vi­ding jobs, spon­so­ring so ma­ny cau­ses and gi­ving sup­port to ma­ny. To ha­ve such an out­stan­ding bu­si­ness in t­his a­rea ma­de all of the mem­bers proud.

T­ho­se who went on the tour found it highly in­for­ma­ti­ve and most en­joy­a­ble, and would cer­tain­ly re­com­mend it to all pet o­w­ners.

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