Nar­sing­straat le­ar­ners shi­ne at de­bu­tant ball

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In con­juncti­on with Nar­sing­straat Pri­ma­ry S­chool’s 30th birt­hday ce­le­bra­ti­ons, the s­chool held a success­ful de­bu­tant ball on F­ri­day, 12 Oc­to­ber, at the Bo­ta­ni­cs S­ports Club.

The the­me for the e­ve­ning was An e­ve­ning at the O­ce­an and le­ar­ners, te­a­chers, pa­rents and sup­por­ters ca­me dres­sed in their be­st be­a­chwe­ar despi­te the win­try we­at­her Graaff-rei­net ex­pe­rien­ced on F­ri­day.

The e­ve­ning pro­ved to be an e­nor­mous success and the de­bu­tants dan­ced in an u­nu­su­al and in­for­mal be­ach sty­le, cho­re­o­grap­hed by Ke­a­gan Sandt, T­re­vi­ta Co­na and Cla­dio Le­o­nard, as cu­s­to­ma­ry of t­his an­nu­al e­vent.

The e­vent's guest spea­ker took all t­ho­se who at­ten­ded on a jour­ney through the 30 y­e­ars of the s­chool’s ex­is­ten­ce. Thanks are ex­ten­ded to him for his con­tri­bu­ti­on.

The mo­ney rai­sed through t­his i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve and the success of the e­ve­ning at­tests to the hard work put in­to or­ga­ni­sing t­his spec­ta­cu­lar e­vent.

Exe­cu­ti­ve Sound from Bloem­fon­tein and the band, Hot­box from Beau­fort West, en­su­red gre­at mu­sic, lig­hts and spe­ci­al ef­fects that ma­de the e­ve­ning one to re­mem­ber. The s­chool wis­hes to thank Fe­li­ci­ty Mur­ray and her te­am for the beau­ti­ful­ly de­co­ra­ted ve­nue, Za­ne Koe­berg and Exe­cu­ti­ve Sound for the spe­ci­al lig­ht and smo­ke ef­fects, Ben­nie Ro­man at Ro­man S­hutt­les for the trans­por­ta­ti­on of the s­chool's de­bu­tants and their pa­rents, Hot­box Band for the mu­sic, Pie­ter Pie­naar at the Bo­ta­ni­cs for the ex­cel­lent ser­vi­ce at the ve­nue, Han­sie Jor­daan at S­pan­dau Tops for the croc­ke­ry, C­heryl Wad­de­low of Pick n Pay Graaff­rei­net for the beau­ti­ful flo­wers, Hap­py Cor­ner and S­hui­ab Mo­ham­med at Kis­met Tra­ding for the gift packs. The do­na­ti­ons and con­tri­bu­ti­ons are highly ap­pre­ci­a­ted by the s­chool. A big thank you is al­so ex­ten­ded to the de­bu­tants and their pa­rents for all the hard work and ef­fort they put in, en­su­ring the success of the nig­ht, wit­hout them, t­his e­ve­ning would not ha­ve re­a­li­sed.

The s­chool al­so wis­hes to thank the com­mu­ni­ty of As­her­vil­le, the staff of Nar­sing­straat Pri­ma­ry and e­ach and e­very one that boug­ht a tic­ket to sup­port the s­chool and, by so doing, ma­de t­his a me­mo­ra­ble functi­on.

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