U­NI­ON HIGH S­CHOOL P­ri­ze-gi­ving ce­le­bra­tes success

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The an­nu­al U­ni­on High S­chool p­ri­ze-gi­ving ce­re­mo­ny was held in the s­chool hall on F­ri­day, 19 Oc­to­ber.

The guest of ho­nour, Moi­ra Lig­ht, who gra­ci­ous­ly pre­sen­ted the pri­zes to t­ho­se being re­cog­ni­sed, was in­tro­du­ced by He­ad of De­part­ment, Ne­lia Re­ad.

Lig­ht has two child­ren, Re­bec­ca and Mat­thew, who ha­ve ma­tri­cu­la­ted at U­ni­on High, and is mar­ried to De­rek, who is Chair­man of the U­ni­on High De­ve­lop­ment Trust.

Da­vid Lang­me­ad, Chair­man of the S­chool Go­ver­ning Bo­dy, pre­sen­ted his wel­co­ming speech and re­por­ted on the acti­vi­ties of the Go­ver­ning Bo­dy af­ter which the He­ad­mas­ter, Wil­li­am P­ringle, pre­sen­ted his an­nu­al re­port.

It was a glit­te­ring oc­ca­si­on w­he­re the ma­ny a­chie­vements and tri­ump­hs, and t­ho­se who sim­ply work hard be­hind the sce­nes, throug­hout the y­e­ar we­re re­cog­ni­sed.

In ad­di­ti­on, a num­ber of Gra­de 12 le­ar­ners who in­tend stu­dying at ter­ti­a­ry in­sti­tu­ti­ons next y­e­ar re­cei­ved burs­a­ries for furt­her stu­dies.

A high­lig­ht of the e­ve­ning was the an­noun­ce­ment of the he­ad pre­fects of the s­chool for 2019.

The en­ti­re U­ni­on com­mu­ni­ty was u­na­ni­mous in their sup­port for

Pe­ter Wa­ter­mey­er (He­ad­boy), Jen­na M­cnaug­h­ton (He­ad­gi­rl), K­ha­nya Buts­hin­gi (De­pu­ty He­ad­boy) and Zint­le Ma­ki (De­pu­ty He­ad­gi­rl).

The top le­ar­ners in e­ach gra­de are as fol­lows: A­man­da B­rink (Gra­de 12), Yu-pei Rong (Gra­de 11), La­e­ti­tia T­heron (Gra­de 10), Car­men Beau­mont (Gra­de 9) and Han­nah Bo­den­stein (Gra­de 8).

Con­g­ra­tu­la­ti­ons to Re­bec­ca Lang­me­ad, se­cond in her gra­de, who was a­war­ded the FA King­will Cup for All-round A­chie­vement. She al­so re­cei­ved the UHS P­ri­ze for Mu­sic, V­re­de A­ward for Bi­lin­gua­lism, the UHS P­ri­ze for Li­fe O­rien­ta­ti­on, the UHS P­ri­ze for Bu­si­ness Stu­dies, the UHS P­ri­ze for En­g­lish and the NCW Cup for Gra­de 10 to 12 (Cul­tu­re).

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