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The­re ha­ve been ma­ny que­s­ti­ons rai­sed re­cent­ly con­cer­ning the wa­ter re­stricti­ons im­ple­men­ted by the Dr Bey­ers Nau­dé Lo­cal Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, par­ti­cu­lar­ly as to w­het­her t­hey ap­ply to all towns in the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, or just to Graaff-rei­net.

The ans­wer is an emp­ha­tic yes, ALL towns in the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty must a­bi­de by the re­stricti­ons, e­ven if t­hey do not re­ly on wa­ter from the N­q­we­ba Dam.

The law en­for­ce­ment of­fi­cer/ pe­a­ce of­fi­cers are em­ploy­ed by the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty in the Pro­tecti­on Ser­vi­ces De­part­ment to mo­ni­tor com­pli­an­ce, and ac­cor­ding to the mu­ni­ci­pal spo­kes­per­son, the En­gi­neer­ing and Plan­ning de­part­ment is not a­wa­re of any non­com­pli­an­ce or fi­nes being is­su­ed to da­te.

Con­si­de­ring how ma­ny hou­se­holds are not ad­her­ing to the re­stricti­ons and are still u­sing ho­se­pi­pes, for ex­am­ple, it is ob­vi­ous that the mo­ni­to­ring of the­se re­gu­la­ti­ons is not ef­fecti­ve.

The re­stricti­ons pro­hi­bit the use of wa­ter obtai­ned from the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty's wa­ter sup­ply sy­stem for wa­te­ring of gar­dens, la­wns, gras­sed a­re­as, flo­wer­beds, s­ports fields, and bo­w­ling greens.

Top­ping up or fil­ling foun­tains, or­na­men­tal ponds, and si­mi­lar de­co­ra­ti­ve fe­a­tu­res is al­so pro­hi­bi­ted.

Fil­ling of swim­ming and pad­d­ling pools is al­so not al­lo­wed, alt­hough two hou­se­holds in Graaff-rei­net ha­ve success­ful­ly ap­p­lied for ex­emp­ti­ons to fill their swim­ming pools. The fil­ling of a new pool on com­ple­ti­on of i­ni­ti­al con­structi­on is al­so per­mit­ted.

Mu­ni­ci­pal wa­ter may al­so not be u­sed for wa­shing pa­ved a­re­as, walls, roofs, buil­dings and si­mi­lar struc­tu­res.

The use of ho­se­pi­pes and sprin­k­ler sy­s­tems is ban­ned, ex­cept for fi­re­fig­hting pur­po­ses. The o­pe­ra­ti­on of au­to­ma­tic swim­ming pool fil­lers and au­to­ma­tic u­ri­nal flus­hing sy­s­tems is al­so not al­lo­wed.

The­re a few mo­re ex­emp­ti­ons to the­se re­gu­la­ti­ons. Re­clai­med wa­ter obtai­ned from sour­ces ot­her than the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty's wa­ter may be u­sed, and gar­dens may be wa­te­red, pro­vi­ded that a hand-held con­tai­ner such as a buc­ket or wa­te­ring can is u­sed. Vehi­cle wa­shing by hand with a buc­ket is al­lo­wed, as are com­mer­ci­al vehi­cle wa­shing bu­si­nes­ses, as long as at le­ast 70% of the wa­ter is re­cy­cled.

Plants, trees and sh­rubs in com­mer­ci­al, sta­te and mu­ni­ci­pal nur­se­ries may still be wa­te­red as be­fo­re, and the fil­ling of swim­ming pools at ho­tels, fit­ness cen­tres, me­di­cal cen­tres, schools, e­du­ca­ti­o­nal in­sti­tu­ti­ons and in­sti­tu­ti­ons of hig­her e­du­ca­ti­on is al­so per­mit­ted.

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