Poem pen­ned to re­mem­ber war heroes

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Ja­mes Ro­se-in­nes, a Gra­de 9 le­ar­ner at U­ni­on High S­chool, pen­ned t­his re­mar­ka­ble poem t­his week in ho­nour of Pop­py Day.

100 Y­e­ars ago, the war was do­ne Fi­nis­hed with it's a­w­ful run Cre­a­ting heroes who we­re bra­ve But on­ly to be ce­le­bra­ted at their gra­ve. The­re was g­re­at joy to the end of war But al­so g­re­at sad­ness which bo­re in­to the he­arts of men Who ex­pe­rien­ced it the­re and then. Our con­do­len­ces are pou­red in­to a pop­py red,

Re­pre­sen­ting the b­lood that was shed. War­ri­ors on bo­ats, fields and in the air as well

We had to bid fa­re­well.

I s­hould ho­pe­ful­ly ne­ver know the ef­fect of war

Be­cau­se of tho­se coura­ge­ous men Who foug­ht bra­ve­ly so

100 y­e­ars ago.

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