Sup­port Li­ons by buying a Chris­t­mas ca­ke or two

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The lo­cal Li­ons Club is bu­sy in the lo­cal com­mu­ni­ty in a va­ri­e­ty of ways.

It ar­ran­ged for the le­ar­ners of the Kroon­va­le, Ling­com and Nar­sing­straat p­ri­ma­ry schools to ex­press their i­de­as on the Pe­a­ce Pos­ter the­me “Kind­ness Mat­ters” with the help of Li­ons’ friend, Kay Coet­zee.

De­on Bantom of Kroon­va­le P­ri­ma­ry School won a Li­ons Dis­trict 410D a­ward with his pos­ter.

To help rai­se a­wa­re­ness on In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Di­a­be­tes Day on 14 No­vem­ber Li­ons or­ga­ni­sed free tes­ting at C­licks by vo­lun­teer nur­sing sis­ter friends, B­ren­da P­ringle, S­hir­ley Da­vids, Jen­ny Mat­thews, Liz Sa­va­ge and Jo­han­na Da­vids.

Li­ons ex­tend their thanks to them. In to­tal, 85 pe­op­le had their b­lood pres­su­re and b­lood glu­co­se tes­ted and w­he­re nee­ded we­re re­fer­red for furt­her me­di­cal in­ter­ven­ti­on.

At the St Ja­mes Fair t­his wee­kend, Li­ons will be sel­ling their tra­di­ti­o­nal Chris­t­mas ca­kes for R100. For each ca­ke sold, the Li­ons Club ma­kes R24 which g­oes to fun­ding ot­her acti­vi­ties li­ke the Bud­dies Day in e­ar­ly 2019 for di­sa­bled child­ren.

Li­ons will al­so be en­coura­ging do­na­ti­ons for trees at the Fair R30 per tree. Bound­less grows the boer­boon trees which Li­ons then buys and do­na­tes to a­re­as w­he­re trees are nee­ded. In the last four y­e­ars, a­bout 300 trees ha­ve been plan­ted in As­her­vil­le and Man­de­la Park and are doing well.

On 20 De­cem­ber, Li­ons will be ta­king pre­sents to pa­tients at the Mid­land Hos­pi­tal, and staff and pa­tients will join the club mem­bers in sin­ging Chris­t­mas ca­rols.

Pho­ne 060 318 4492 to join them and to sup­port Li­ons.

Sis­ter Da­vids tes­ting a pa­tient’s b­lood pres­su­re.

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