W­hen lo­cal is tru­ly lek­ker

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In just a few weeks, a new Fa­ce­book group ai­med at sup­por­ting lo­cal crafts and bu­si­nes­ses in the Graaff-rei­net a­rea has at­trac­ted ne­ar­ly 600 mem­bers.

Jen­ni­fer Ho­pe, who farms be­t­ween Jan­sen­vil­le and K­lip­plaat, o­ri­gi­nal­ly star­ted a W­hat­sapp group for friends to share news a­bout their fresh pro­du­ce and crafts.

She then re­a­li­sed that a Fa­ce­book group would be acces­si­ble to mo­re pe­op­le, al­lo­wing both mo­re pe­op­le to pro­mo­te their wa­res and gre­a­ter vi­si­bi­li­ty for mem­bers’ pro­ducts.

“Ma­ny pe­op­le pre­fer to sup­port lo­cal bu­si­nes­ses, but don’t al­ways know w­he­re to find them,” ex­plai­ned Jen­ny.

“So ma­ny i­tems in the shops the­se days are mass-pro­du­ced - and you cer­tain­ly don’t get any feed­back from the pro­du­cer. If you buy from a lo­cal small bu­si­ness or craf­ter, you see the smi­le on the sel­ler’s fa­ce, and know that you are ma­king a dif­fe­ren­ce in their li­ves.”

With Chris­t­mas co­ming, ma­ny pe­op­le are buying gif­ts and would lo­ve to sup­port lo­cal en­ter­pri­ses, but of­ten don’t know w­hat is a­vai­la­ble, and w­he­re to find it.

By joi­ning the group, po­ten­ti­al cu­s­to­mers can see an a­ma­zing va­ri­e­ty of goods on of­fer, from farm chic­kens and o­li­ves to je­wel­ry, cos­me­ti­cs and spe­ci­al Chris­t­mas stocking fil­lers.

The group can be found on https://www. fa­ce­book.com/groups/616743785394428/ The­re are a few ‘Lo­cal is Lek­ker’ groups, so look out for the group pic­tu­re with the ‘Hand­ma­de, Ho­me­ma­de’ lo­go.

The­re are a few ‘Lo­cal is Lek­ker’ groups on Fa­ce­book, so look out for the group pic­tu­re with the ‘Hand­ma­de, Ho­me­ma­de’ lo­go.

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