Re­si­dents ur­ged to se­cu­re pro­per­ties

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The fol­lo­wing ad­vi­ce and tips on the pre­ven­ti­on of bur­gla­ries, both hou­se­hold and bu­si­ness, ha­ve been com­pi­led by Graaff­rei­net SAPS for lo­cal re­si­dents to help keep their pos­ses­si­ons sa­fe. Ba­sic pre­cau­ti­ons are of­ten o­ver­look­ed but ser­ve to de­ter cri­mi­nals.

Ne­ver le­a­ve doors un­loc­ked or keys in a ga­te or lock. Se­cu­ri­ty ga­tes should be in­stal­led at out­si­de doors and kept them loc­ked. W­hen doors are loc­ked, the keys should be re­mo­ved from the key­ho­le and pla­ced w­he­re they can­not be re­a­ched from, for ex­am­ple, a win­dow.

Re­si­dents are al­so war­ned not to le­a­ve their gara­ge, front or back doors o­pen, or par­ti­al­ly o­pen, as the­se ser­ve as an in­vi­ta­ti­on to po­ten­ti­al bur­glars.

It is al­so im­por­tant to ma­ke pro­vi­si­on for good lig­hting a­round the out­si­de of the hou­se. A re­min­der is gi­ven that out­si­de lig­hts that are on du­ring the day will draw the at­ten­ti­on of thie­ves, and that it is bet­ter to put out­si­de lig­hts on a ti­mer.

Lig­hting should be u­sed to the hou­se­hol­der’s ad­van­ta­ge. Lig­hts that are on in­si­de w­hi­le it is dark out­si­de put the hou­se­hol­der at a dis­ad­van­ta­ge, but lig­hts that are on out­si­de w­hi­le it is dark in­si­de will al­low re­si­dents to ob­ser­ve w­hat is going on wit­hout being seen them­sel­ves.

Full mai­l­boxes are al­so a cle­ar in­di­ca­ti­on that the­re is no­bo­dy ho­me. Tho­se going a­way on ho­li­day should ar­ran­ge with a neig­hbour or friend to keep a re­gu­lar eye on the pro­per­ty and re­mo­ve any mail and fly­ers.

Work­men should ne­ver be left u­nat­ten­ded in a re­si­den­ce, and ho­me and bu­si­ness o­w­ners should con­duct tho­rough back­ground checks be­fo­re em­ploying anyo­ne, both per­ma­nent and ca­su­al wor­kers. Pe­op­le are al­so ur­ged to be ca­re­ful a­bout w­hat is dis­cus­sed in front of em­ploy­ees. A wa­t­chdog is a good e­ar­ly war­ning sy­stem. It should be kept vi­si­ble as a de­ter­rent, but beyond the re­ach of stran­gers. “Dogs that are kept out­si­de and can bark at a­ny­thing and anyo­ne are less ef­fecti­ve as an “a­larm” sy­stem than dogs kept clo­ser to you or in­si­de the ho­me, that on­ly bark w­hen so­meo­ne or so­mething is a di­rect thre­at to you” said a re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve of SAPS.

If the hou­se a­larm g­oes off or stran­ge noi­ses are he­ard or dogs bark, the ad­vi­ce is to switch on the out­si­de lig­hts and in­ves­ti­ga­te with cau­ti­on. Re­si­dents should NOT go out­si­de be­fo­re they are su­re that it is sa­fe. Keys to a hou­se should ne­ver be left un­der a pot plant or door­mat!

Re­si­dents are ad­vi­sed to li­mit access to per­so­nal in­for­ma­ti­on, mo­vements and w­hat is in­si­de their ho­mes.

Va­lu­a­ble such as mo­ney and je­wel­le­ry should be kept in a sa­fe or at a bank. Fi­re­arms must be sto­red in a sa­fe and it is very im­pro­tant not let anyo­ne, in­clu­ding hou­se­hold em­ploy­ees, know that the­re are fi­re­arms in the hou­se.

It is best to keep the sa­fe out of sig­ht, per­haps in a cup­bo­ard.

Fi­nal­ly, re­si­dents are ur­ged to keep an up­da­ted list of the ma­ke, mo­del and se­ri­al num­bers of all e­lec­tri­cal e­quip­ment, and to ta­ke pho­tos of va­lu­a­ble je­wel­le­ry.

Graaff-rei­net SAPS con­tact de­tails are 10111 or 049 807 1116, and the­se num­bers should be kept ne­ar a land­li­ne pho­ne, and sto­red as e­mer­gen­cy num­bers on a cel­lp­ho­ne.

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