Past pu­pil in­spi­res at pri­ze-gi­ving

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The new o­pen-air hall at Luxo­lo In­ter­me­di­a­te School pro­ved to be a per­fect ve­nue for t­his ye­ar’s pri­ze-gi­ving ce­re­mo­ny, with plen­ty of shade for all on a very hot, but beau­ti­ful day.

The guest spea­ker was a past pu­pil of the school, Mon­wa­bi­si Rui­ters, who is a se­ni­or ma­na­ger at the S­ta­te In­for­ma­ti­on Techno­lo­gy A­gen­cy. “We ho­pe that his a­chie­vements from hum­ble be­gin­nings will in­spi­re the le­ar­ners to con­ti­nue stu­dying and aim high,” said P­rin­ci­pal Jan Ma­thi­a­le.

The the­me, of ai­ming high, with sup­port from pa­rents and fa­mi­ly, was e­choed in speeches from the c­hair­man of the SGB and Ma­thi­a­le him­self.

Di­plo­mas we­re pre­sen­ted to child­ren who had a­chie­ved high marks o­ver the first three terms of the ye­ar, as well as for par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on and ex­cel­len­ce in spor­ting and cul­tu­ral acti­vi­ties.

The sports­man of the ye­ar a­ward went to 10-ye­ar-old Re­nal­do May in Gra­de 5, who re­pre­sen­ted the Eas­tern Pro­vin­ce at na­ti­o­nal le­vel in the 1 200m athle­ti­cs e­vent.

The top a­chie­ver in each gra­de al­so re­cei­ved a di­plo­ma, lis­ting their top sub­jects, and then the top le­ar­ner in each pha­se re­cei­ved a trop­hy.

Top le­ar­ner in the se­ni­or pha­se (Gra­des 7, 8 and 9) was Sin­ga­lakha Map­he­ku­la, in Gra­de 8. As well as the im­pres­si­ve E­li­za­beth Fra­zen­burg trop­hy, she re­cei­ved a pri­ze of R1 000. She was the most out­stan­ding pu­pil in X­ho­sa, En­g­lish, mat­he­ma­ti­cs, li­fe o­rien­ta­ti­on, so­ci­al s­cien­ce, na­tu­ral s­cien­ce, e­co­no­mic and ma­na­ge­ment s­cien­ce and techno­lo­gy.

In the in­ter­me­di­a­te pha­se (Gra­des 4, 5 and 6) Am­be­sa N­qipha in gra­de 6 ca­me out on top, with the hig­hest marks in X­ho­sa, En­g­lish, mat­he­ma­ti­cs, li­fe skills, so­ci­al s­cien­ce and na­tu­ral s­cien­ce and techno­lo­gy. She re­cei­ved a trop­hy, as well as di­plo­mas.

Fi­nal­ly, the foun­da­ti­on pha­se a­ward went to Ayo­li­si­we Nom­bu­la in Gra­de 3, with top marks in X­ho­sa, En­g­lish, li­fe skills and mat­he­ma­ti­cs.

The e­du­ca­tors and pa­rents are very proud of all the le­ar­ners who ha­ve wor­ked hard throug­hout the ye­ar and ho­pe that the re­ci­pients of the­se a­wards will in­spi­re ot­hers to gi­ve of their best.

A­ca­de­mic win­ners Am­be­sa N­qipha, Ayo­li­si­we Nom­bu­la and Sin­ga­lakha Map­he­ku­la with p­rin­ci­pal Jan Ma­thi­a­le.

Sports­man of the ye­ar, Re­nal­do May.

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