Te­am Johna­than and te­am Son­ja vic­to­ri­ous in C­ho­sen Pairs

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Last Sa­tur­day, 17 No­vem­ber, an e­ar­ly start cul­mi­na­ted in a two-day com­pe­ti­ti­on being com­ple­ted in one day on the greens of the Graaff-rei­net Bo­w­ling Club.

With four te­ams in both the men's and la­dies' secti­ons, three 18-end ga­mes had to be play­ed and the con­trol­ling bo­dy de­ci­ded on a 08:00 start.

At the end of the day, the results we­re as fol­lows:

Men: Jo­na­than van der R­hee­de (skip), Garth Ed­wards (se­cond) and Den­nis Ros­slee (le­ad) re­mai­ned un­de­fe­a­ted to win the tit­le on 6 ga­me points and + 16 shots.

La­dies: Af­ter two com­pe­ti­ti­ve rounds of bo­wls, a sin­gle shot se­pa­ra­ted the Ma­ren­da L­ück­hoff and Son­ja Mat­thee si­des.

With the t­hi­rd round com­ple­ted, the­se two te­ams we­re le­vel on 5 ga­mes points + 26 shots. Cal­cu­la­ti­ons we­re do­ne and the tit­le was a­war­ded to Son­ja Mat­thee, C­har­le­ne Co­lyn and P­ris­cil­la Kas­per­ski.

The club's An­nu­al Ge­ne­ral Meet­ing ta­kes pla­ce on Wed­nes­day, 28 No­vem­ber at the clubhou­se at 18:00, pre­ce­ded by the pri­ze­gi­ving. Mem­bers are ur­ged to at­tend t­his im­por­tant e­vent of the 2018 bo­w­ling ye­ar.

PG Glass re­tain their le­ad

Af­ter three rounds in the Tops @ Spar Sum­mer Bu­si­ness Le­a­gue, the PG Glass si­de le­ads the pack on 6 ga­me points and + 42 shots. Oc­tof­in is se­cond on 6 + 21 and Po­li­sie is the on­ly ot­her un­be­a­ten te­am on 6 + 11.

Eig­ht te­ams ha­ve on­ly lost one ga­me and are wai­ting in the wings, ho­ping that the front­run­ners will fal­ter.

The pe­nul­ti­ma­te round ta­kes pla­ce t­his T­hurs­day e­ve­ning at 17:30.

Die mei­sies­af­de­ling is deur Col­le­gi­a­te van Port-e­li­za­beth ge­wen.

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