Golf day a big hit

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The Graaff-rei­net C­ric­ket Club, ge­ne­rous­ly spon­so­red by lo­cal bu­si­nes­ses, held a success­ful Bet­ter­ball com­pe­ti­ti­on on Sa­tur­day, 17 No­vem­ber, on the lo­cal greens.

Six­ty play­ers com­pe­ted with Ar­chie Wel­man and Had­ley Fou­rie win­ning on 47 points.

Ja­c­ques Wa­ge­ner and F­rik­kie Coet­zee ca­me in se­cond on a count out to Matt Har­per and NJ Ar­nol­di on 46 points.

The fourth pla­ce was keen­ly con­te­sted with John­ny and Johnd­re Lu­dick be­a­ting God­win Bosch and C­heryl Wa­de­low as well as Wil­lie Claas­en and Chris Koe­berg on a count out, all with 44 points.

The­re we­re plen­ty of pri­zes to be won, a half-way hou­se was pro­vi­ded and a de­li­ci­ous me­al was ser­ved af­ter the pri­ze-gi­ving. The Wed­nes­day Gold Rush spon­so­red IPS com­pe­ti­ti­on play­ed on 14 No­vem­ber was won by Da­ve Luscom­be on 37 points, with Ja­co Ven­ter on 34 points and C­harl du P­les­sis on 33 points.

Johnd­re Lu­dick with 18 points won the F­ri­day Sun­do­w­ner con­te­sted on 16 No­vem­ber be­a­ting Ja­co Ven­ter and Ja­c­ques Wa­ge­ner both with 17 points. T­his co­ming Sa­tur­day, 24 No­vem­ber, the Graaff­rei­net Golf Club will be hos­ting the Ko­ni­ca Mi­nol­ta IPS com­pe­ti­ti­on.

The club is very gra­te­ful to them as they ha­ve sup­por­ted the club for well o­ver 20 y­e­ars. En­tries to the Golf Club on 040 555 0036.

On Sa­tur­day 2 De­cem­ber, the monthly Me­dal will be con­te­sted, w­hi­le the Sa­cred He­art Pa­rish Golf Day has been sche­du­led for 8 De­cem­ber, with the Mid­land O­pen being play­ed on 9 De­cem­ber. The first leg of the A Di­vi­si­on Club C­ham­pi­ons­hips will al­so be play­ed then.

Ar­chie Wel­man being con­g­ra­tu­la­ted on his win by Franscois Fit­z­ge­rald. Ar­chie’s golf­ing part­ner Had­ley Fou­rie was ab­sent w­hen the pho­to was ta­ken.

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