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On F­ri­day, 16 No­vem­ber, Graaff-rei­net re­si­dent Sip­ho No­vem­ber, kno­wn lo­cal­ly for his stel­lar athle­tic a­bi­li­ties, at­ten­ded the South A­fri­can Po­li­ce Ser­vi­ce (SAPS) an­nu­al Di­vi­si­o­nal Ex­cel­len­ce A­wards ce­re­mo­ny held in P­re­to­ria.

He­re, amid ma­ny ot­her no­mi­nees, No­vem­ber was c­ho­sen as the re­ci­pient of t­his ye­ar's Sports­man of the Ye­ar a­ward.

In ad­di­ti­on to t­his, No­vem­ber was al­so a­war­ded a Di­vi­si­o­nal Ex­cel­len­ce A­ward for out­stan­ding per­for­man­ce.

The next ra­ce on the cards for No­vem­ber is the 42.2km As­pen P­har­ma­ca­re PE Ci­ty Ma­ra­thon on 1 De­cem­ber in

Port E­li­za­beth.

Sip­ho No­vem­ber from Graaff-rei­net star­red at the SAPS Na­ti­o­nal Athle­tic C­ham­pi­ons­hips in Dur­ban. No­vem­ber clai­med the gold in the 800m, the 1500m as well as the 5000m. S­hort­ly the­re­af­ter, he par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the SAPS na­ti­o­nal half-ma­ra­thon c­ham­pi­ons­hips in M­pu­ma­lan­ga. He­re he a­gain won gold, be­a­ting the rest of the field in the 21.2km ra­ce with a win­ning ti­me of 1:09.

Sip­ho No­vem­ber proud­ly dis­playing his Sports­man of the Ye­ar a­ward and Di­vi­si­o­nal Ex­cel­len­ce a­ward.

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