Nieu-bet­hes­da vil­la­gers sa­ve Sun­day lunch af­ter rob­be­ry

Graaff-Reinet Advertiser - - Voorblad -

NIEU-BET­HES­DA — Chris Lloyd and his hard­wor­king te­am had e­ver­y­thing pre­pa­red for a ful­ly book­ed Sun­day lunch at ‘Die Wa­en­huis’ re­stau­rant and loc­ked up af­ter bu­si­ness as u­su­al on Sa­tur­day.

It ca­me as a ter­ri­ble shock on Sun­day, w­hen t­hey ar­ri­ved to be­gin pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for the day, to dis­co­ver that thie­ves had bro­ken in o­ver­nig­ht and sto­len an en­ti­re fro­zen lamb, the me­at that had been pre­pa­red for lunch, as well as the con­tents of the bar al­ong with ot­her stock.

With 20 pe­op­le book­ed for lunch, the te­am at ‘Die Wa­en­huis’ star­ted to pa­nic.

The po­li­ce we­re cal­led and ar­ri­ved im­me­di­a­te­ly, and fo­ren­si­cs ar­ri­ved from Graaff-rei­net short­ly af­ter­wards to per­form their fin­ger­prin­ting in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons. News spre­ad li­ke wild­fi­re and be­fo­re long vil­la­gers had ral­lied to the res­cue.

Legs of lamb we­re de­fros­ted and dis­pa­t­ched, bott­les of wi­ne and ot­her drinks we­re do­na­ted, pe­op­le as­ked how t­hey could as­sist, and the kit­chen be­ca­me a hi­ve of acti­vi­ty. As tho­se ta­king fin­ger­prints com­ple­ted their work at 11am, staff mo­ved in to cle­an up and set ta­bles.

Ac­cor­ding to Chris, it was tru­ly re­mar­ka­ble that doors o­pe­ned for bu­si­ness at noon and a de­li­ci­ous Sun­day lunch could be ser­ved!

Chris Lloyd and his te­am at ‘Die Wa­en­huis’ ex­pres­sed ex­tre­me gra­ti­tu­de to tho­se who ca­me to their as­sis­tan­ce - Nieu-bet­hes­da is cer­tain­ly a spe­ci­al pla­ce, w­he­re good t­hings hap­pen w­hen a com­mu­ni­ty works to­get­her.

The SAPS is con­fi­dent that the per­pe­tra­tor will be broug­ht to book as an at­ti­tu­de of ze­ro to­le­ran­ce for such cri­me is a­dop­ted in the vil­la­ge.

A de­li­ci­ous Sun­day lunch being en­joy­ed on the stoep of ‘Die Wa­en­huis’ in Nieu-bet­hes­da.

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