Lo­cals get in­to the Chris­t­mas spi­rit at fes­ti­ve fair

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All the hard work put in­to the or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on of this y­e­ar’s Chris­t­mas Fair at St Ja­mes Ang­li­can Church in Graaff-rei­net cer­tain­ly paid off, and this was pro­ba­bly the most success­ful y­e­ar to da­te.

The feed­back re­cei­ved by or­ga­ni­sers Fe­li­ci­ty Min­naar and E­vet­te Hol­mes was o­ver­w­hel­mingly po­si­ti­ve, both from stal­l­hol­ders and mem­bers of the wi­der com­mu­ni­ty who at­ten­ded. The­re we­re mo­re stalls this y­e­ar than e­ver be­fo­re, with on­ly two no-shows due to il­l­ness and an un­fo­res­een e­mer­gen­cy. The va­ri­e­ty of goods on of­fer was hu­ge, with se­ver­al u­nu­su­al i­tems com­ple­menting the tried-andtrus­ted fa­vou­ri­tes.

One stall that at­trac­ted a lot of at­ten­ti­on was Ca­rol Gen­try’s cre­a­ti­ons with pi­ne co­nes and logs- de­fi­ni­te­ly a fes­ti­ve the­me, and very re­a­so­na­bly pri­ced.

The ex­qui­si­te need­le­work and the as­sort­ment of wood­work and ot­her han­d­craf­ted i­tems we­re po­pu­lar and beau­ti­ful­ly ma­de and dis­play­ed. Plants we­re snap­ped up, el­der­ly la­dies ma­de a bee-li­ne for whis­ky fud­ge and the food stalls we­re ex­cep­ti­o­nal in va­ri­e­ty and qua­li­ty. The cha­ri­ty stalls did well, and as e­ver, pe­op­le en­joy­ed scra­t­ching through ot­her pe­op­le’s w­hi­te e­lep­hants and pre-re­ad books. The Bound­less ga­ze­bo had a wi­de se­lecti­on of goods, with ma­ny ent­hu­si­as­tic sa­le­spe­op­le in their dis­tincti­ve black t-shirts.

The­re was e­ven a se­clu­ded and shady nook w­he­re pe­op­le we­re in­vi­ted to “Meet the Rec­tor”!

“We see the Fair as a won­der­ful op­por­tu­ni­ty for the com­mu­ni­ty to get to­get­her and en­joy a mor­ning so­ci­a­li­sing,” said Fe­li­ci­ty, and all the hap­py shop­pers who en­joy­ed the mor­ning brow­sing will be su­re to agree. The we­at­her was per­fect, with on­ly a lig­ht bree­ze to cool t­hings do­wn a litt­le wit­hout blo­wing a­way the dis­plays!

Mix­ie Goed­hals with a va­ri­e­ty of ba­ked goods. RIG­HT: Ca­rol Gen­try with her grand­daug­h­ter Lexy, and their won­der­ful pi­ne­co­ne cre­a­ti­ons.

Flor­ry Mey­er with her e­ver-po­pu­lar bis­cuits.

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