Ko­ni­ca Mi­nol­ta mark 30-y­e­ar spon­sors­hip

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On Sa­tur­day, 24 No­vem­ber, Ko­ni­ca Mi­nol­ta ce­le­bra­ted the 30th y­e­ar in which t­hey ha­ve acti­ve­ly sup­por­ted the Graaff-rei­net Golf Club by spon­so­ring an an­nu­al IPS com­pe­ti­ti­on.

The club's p­re­si­dent, Ber­nie Wey­er, wel­co­med the ma­na­ger and staff of Ko­ni­ca Mi­nol­ta and said that the club was pri­vi­le­ged to ha­ve the long as­so­ci­a­ti­on with them da­ting back to the old golf cour­se with its oil greens.

Pier­re Kru­se, the branch ma­na­ger, re­p­lied that e­ven the he­ad of­fi­ce in Jo­han­nes­burg was a­wa­re of this part­ners­hip.

He al­so spo­ke brief­ly on the ser­vi­ces t­hey of­fer the com­mu­ni­ty.

E­tien­ne Fou­rie, the sa­les ma­na­ger, han­ded out the ma­ny pri­zes which ran­ged from gre­at kit­bags to gi­ant pep­per grin­ders.

No­ël Tay­lor-free­me play­ed ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly well and won the day with 41 points.

C­li­ve Lu­dick ca­me in se­cond with 40 points, An­dré O­li­vier en­ded in thi­rd pla­ce with 38 points, Co­lin War­ner ca­me in fourth with 37 points fol­lo­wed by Hu­bri Bruyn in fifth pla­ce with 35 points and Piet Mey­er in sixth pla­ce on a count out with 35 points.

C­li­ve Lu­dick had the lon­ge­st dri­ve and Ri­chard Swartz was ne­a­rest the pin on the 4th /13th ho­le.

Wep­pie Wei­de­man, with 38 points, won the Gold Rush spon­so­red IPS Com­pe­ti­ti­on on Wed­nes­day, 21 No­vem­ber. Hu­bri Bruyn with 36 points ca­me in se­cond and An­dré du P­les­sis en­ded thi­rd with 33 points.

The F­ri­day Sun­do­w­ner play­ed on 23 No­vem­ber, was won by C­harl du P­les­sis, with Jaco Ven­ter in se­cond pla­ce and Da­ve Luscom­be in thi­rd.

This co­ming Sa­tur­day, the club hos­ts its Monthly Me­dal com­pe­ti­ti­on with tee-off star­ting at 12:30.

The Sa­cred He­art Pa­rish Golf Day will be held on 8 De­cem­ber and on 9 De­cem­ber, the Mid­land O­pen, as well as the first leg of the Club C­ham­pi­ons­hips for play­ers with han­di­caps of be­t­ween 0 and 9, will com­men­ce.

On 15 De­cem­ber, the club will play host to the Pick n Pay Cha­ri­ty Chris­t­mas Golf day fol­lo­wed by a Chris­t­mas Din­ner with li­ve en­ter­tai­n­ment. All are wel­co­me. Con­tact the Golf Club to book.

On Sa­tur­days, the Golf Club ser­ves the most de­li­ci­ous ha­ke and chips for on­ly R35 as well as ot­her lig­ht me­als. Why don’t you bring your fa­mi­ly to en­joy a gre­at lunch w­hi­le o­ver­look­ing the beau­ti­ful fair­ways and greens? The­re is plen­ty of spa­ce for the child­ren to run a­bout.

C­li­ve Lu­dick re­cei­ved a pri­ze from E­tien­ne Fou­rie for co­ming in se­cond and for the day’s lon­ge­st dri­ve.

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