Wel­co­me to the s­treet that lig­hts up for Chris­t­mas

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A­ca­cia S­treet in Graaff-rei­net is an un­li­ke­ly tou­rist des­ti­na­ti­on, but e­very De­cem­ber pe­op­le flock the­re in the thou­sands.

Just a short dri­ve a­way from the to­wn's CBD, it is an u­nas­su­ming s­treet in a non­des­cript suburb.

At le­ast until nig­ht falls in De­cem­ber. T­hen, the hou­ses of A­ca­cia S­treet are lit up in a dazz­ling and de­tailed dis­play of Chris­t­mas spi­rit.

It has been this way for mo­re than 10 y­e­ars, at first with on­ly a few hou­ses.

But gra­du­al­ly mo­re pe­op­le got on bo­ard, and the dis­plays grew mo­re e­la­bo­ra­te.

This an­nu­al pro­ject da­tes back to 1999 w­hen a sim­ple s­treet par­ty to ce­le­bra­te the Mil­len­ni­um was held by the re­si­dents of this s­treet. In 2007 the A­ca­cia S­treet Chris­t­mas Lig­hts pro­ject was laun­ched.

Ruth Wel­man was the i­ni­ti­a­tor of the w­ho­le pro­ject as she wan­ted to ho­nour her la­te mot­her who died of can­cer, and, with the as­sis­tan­ce of C­li­ve Fos­ter, they de­ve­lo­ped the pro­ject in­to the im­men­se success it is to­day.

E­very y­e­ar thou­sands of Rands are rai­sed with the aid of spon­sors and do­na­ti­ons - the mo­ney col­lected by way of this pro­ject is t­hen do­na­ted to the Graaff-rei­net Can­cer As­so­ci­a­ti­on.

P­re­pa­ra­ti­ons for this y­e­ar's dis­play ha­ve al­re­a­dy be­gun and all tho­se in­vol­ved are ex­ci­ted to see w­hat this y­e­ar has in s­to­re for the pro­ject.

The of­fi­ci­al swit­ching on of the lig­hts will occur on Sa­tur­day e­ve­ning, 15 De­cem­ber, with the pro­gram­me run­ning until the e­ve­ning of 31 De­cem­ber.

The or­ga­ni­sers and A­ca­cia S­treet re­si­dents in­vi­te e­ver­yo­ne to co­me and en­joy the lig­hts and whi­le doing so do­na­te a litt­le so­mething in­to the cans of the col­lec­tors who will be ro­a­ming the s­treet.

Tho­se wan­ting to be­co­me in­vol­ved or find out mo­re can con­tact Al­lan Hoff­man at 063 563 4087 or Ja­pie Da­niels at 073 562 5879.

Pe­op­le be­gin to ar­ri­ve at A­ca­cia S­treet as soon as dar­kness falls and the s­treet lig­hts up.

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