A­bando­ned ne­w­born ba­by e­a­ten by dogs

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NIEU-BETHESDA — Re­si­dents of this quaint vil­la­ge are fil­led with shock and hor­ror af­ter a gru­e­so­me dis­co­ve­ry on Tu­es­day mor­ning.

At a­bout 07:00, lo­cal han­dy­man and buil­der I­sak Ja­cobs (47) went to tend to the ve­ge­ta­ble gar­den at his pro­per­ty in Hart­zen­berg S­treet in Pie­naar­sig.

He no­ti­ced that the dog o­w­ned by his neig­hbour, with w­hom he shares the pro­per­ty, was e­a­ting so­mething at the back of the y­ard.

W­hen Ja­cobs went clo­ser to ta­ke a look, he was shoc­ked to see the par­ti­al­ly e­a­ten body of a young ba­by.

Both of the ba­by’s legs we­re mis­sing, a part of the he­ad had been e­a­ten and one arm was al­so mis­sing - it is sus­pected that a dog had car­ried the re­mains to the gar­den.

The gen­der of the ba­by could not be de­ter­mi­ned at the ti­me.

All tho­se who wit­nes­sed the gris­ly find we­re un­der­stan­da­bly hor­ri­fied and trau­ma­ti­sed.

It is thoug­ht that pro­ba­bly mo­re than one dog was in­vol­ved, and it is not kno­wn if the ba­by was still a­li­ve w­hen it was found by the dogs.

The o­w­ner of the dog that was found with the ba­by’s body is e­qual­ly up­set and is al­so very con­cer­ned a­bout the mot­her of the ba­by.

Po­li­ce ha­ve now tra­ced the young mot­her, who is 17-y­e­ars-old, and al­le­ge­d­ly ga­ve birth to the ba­by on Sun­day e­ve­ning. She is a lo­cal gi­rl, who had been staying with re­la­ti­ves du­ring her preg­nan­cy.

Mo­re de­tails will be re­le­a­sed by the po­li­ce e­ar­ly next week.

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