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The­re we­re 33 new ca­ses o­pe­ned in Graaff­rei­net last week, in­clu­ding mur­der, rob­be­ry, no less than 12 of theft, bur­gla­ries, fraud, and stock theft.

The mur­der occur­red on 30 No­vem­ber at a­bout 23:00.

Two young men, a­ged 21 and 22, we­re drin­king to­get­her w­hen an ar­gu­ment bro­ke out be­t­ween them.

The youn­ger man t­hen stab­bed the victim in the neck u­sing a kni­fe, and he died from his wounds. The 21-y­e­ar-old has been ar­res­ted, and the in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on is con­tinuing.

A­not­her man was ar­res­ted for at­temp­ted mur­der af­ter he was caug­ht red-han­ded trying to ste­al i­tems from the com­plai­nant’s pre­mi­ses.

The com­plai­nant tried to ap­pre­hend the sus­pect but was stab­bed, a­gain with a kni­fe, in the st­rug­gle, and the sus­pect ran a­way.

The in­ci­dent took pla­ce in Qu­een S­treet on 30 No­vem­ber at a­bout 20:50.

The sus­pect was la­ter ar­res­ted, and the ca­se is un­der furt­her in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.

In the ca­ses of theft, goods ta­ken in­clu­de cel­lp­ho­nes, je­wel­le­ry, fen­cing ma­te­ri­als and gar­den tools.

Fraud ca­ses in­clu­de mo­ney ta­ken from ac­counts wit­hout per­mis­si­on and non-ex­is­tent goods “sold” on the in­ter­net.

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