Lo­cal po­li­ce warn of spi­ke in theft out of ve­hi­cles

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Re­gu­lar re­a­ders of the Ad­ver­ti­ser will ha­ve no­ti­ced that the­re has been a mar­ked in­cre­a­se in thefts from ve­hi­cles in re­cent weeks, and with the ap­pro­ach of the fes­ti­ve se­a­son, the pro­blem is li­ke­ly to in­cre­a­se.

Graaff-rei­net SAPS ha­ve sug­ge­sted so­me pre­ven­ta­ti­ve me­a­su­res which should be ta­ken by mo­to­ris­ts to try to a­void be­co­ming victims of this cri­me. So­me seem ob­vi­ous, but are worth re­pe­a­ting as ma­ny dri­vers ha­ve be­co­me ca­re­less, li­ving in a small to­wn with re­la­ti­ve­ly litt­le cri­me com­pa­red to the big ci­ties.

The first reminder is to al­ways en­su­re that all doors are loc­ked and win­dows clo­sed w­hen the ve­hi­cle is par­ked. Ne­wer mo­del ve­hi­cles al­most all ha­ve an e­lec­tro­nic key, and it is very im­por­tant to check that the ve­hi­cle is pro­per­ly loc­ked be­fo­re wal­king a­way. It is very e­a­sy for cri­mi­nals to block the e­lec­tro­nic sig­nal with a re­mo­te, as seen on the vi­deo on the Graaff-rei­net SAPS Facebook pa­ge https://www.facebook.com/ groups/ 328258271086259/

It is al­so com­mon sen­se to ma­ke su­re that no va­lu­a­bles are vi­si­ble to the na­ked eye, such as cell pho­nes, hand­bags, brief­ca­ses, or e­ven gro­ce­ries. Lock va­lu­a­bles in the boot of the car or hi­de them be­hind the se­at in a bak­kie. Al­ways re­mo­ve ra­di­os, CD or MP3 play­ers, and e­ven i­tems of clo­thing, and ta­ke them out of the car or hi­de them.

A va­lu­a­ble tip is that should the­re be any va­lu­a­bles that need to be loc­ked or hid­den a­way, try to hi­de them BE­FO­RE par­king the ve­hi­cle, per­haps stop­ping in a dif­fe­rent s­treet first to do this.

SAPS al­so ad­vi­ses dri­vers to al­ways park in a well-lit a­rea at nig­ht. “You should be con­stant­ly on the look­out for sus­pi­ci­ous­look­ing per­sons in the a­rea w­he­re you are par­ked, and do not he­si­ta­te to call the po­li­ce if you are con­cer­ned,” said a re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve of SAPS.

Fi­nal­ly, the re­com­men­da­ti­on is ma­de that rat­her than park in the s­treet, dri­vers should, if pos­si­ble,

park in a car park w­he­re the­re is an of­fi­ci­al at­ten­dant who looks af­ter the ve­hi­cles. This is par­ti­cu­lar­ly re­le­vant out­si­de the big su­per­mar­kets in to­wn, w­he­re self-ap­poin­ted “car guards” in the main streets in front of the sto­res cau­se ma­ny pro­blems.

Graaff-rei­net SAPS con­tact de­tails are 10111 or 049 807 1116.

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