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Young la­dies, es­pe­ci­al­ly tho­se li­ving in mo­re re­mo­te a­re­as, need to meet to­get­her re­gu­lar­ly to build friends­hips, en­coura­ge e­ach ot­her and ta­ke so­me “ti­me out” from re­gu­lar mun­da­ne rou­ti­nes.

In Graaff-rei­net, a group kno­wn as the So­ci­al But­ter­flies star­ted w­hen young mot­her Gil­ly La­te­gan con­tacted a few friends to get to­get­her, who in turn con­tacted t­heir friends, and they all ent­hu­si­as­ti­cal­ly em­bra­ced the i­dea.

The la­dies agreed that they would not get to­get­her me­re­ly for the sa­ke of so­ci­a­li­sing, but would do t­heir ut­most to so­mehow ma­ke a dif­fe­ren­ce in the li­ves of so­me of the less for­tu­na­te la­dies in the a­rea.

The last meet­ing of the y­e­ar was held on 24 No­vem­ber at Cold­stre­am Re­stau­rant, w­he­re the la­dies en­joy­ed a fes­ti­ve lunch. E­ach la­dy broug­ht al­ong beau­ti­ful­ly packa­ged gif­ts of toi­le­tries for so­me of the Cam­de­boo Hos­pi­ce’s la­dy pa­tients.

Col­leen Buckle, the ad­mi­nis­tra­tor at the lo­cal hos­pi­ce, was in­vi­ted to join the la­dies at t­heir lunch, w­he­re she accep­ted the gif­ts on be­half of the or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on.

Sis­ter Lo­ret­ta Wie­hahn and En­rol­led Nur­se Me­lis­sa de K­lerk will en­su­re that the neediest pa­tients will re­cei­ve a spe­ci­al Chris­t­mas bles­sing from the So­ci­al But­ter­flies. Be­cau­se of Hos­pi­ce’s strict Co­de of Con­fi­den­ti­a­li­ty, pho­to­grap­hs of t­heir pa­tients are not per­mit­ted to be pu­blis­hed. The nur­ses and ca­re­gi­vers ho­we­ver we­re mo­re than hap­py to po­se with the brig­ht­ly-wrap­ped gif­ts!

The ca­re­gi­vers’ ex­ci­te­ment is plain to see, as they know just how much this kind ge­stu­re is going to me­an to t­heir pa­tients.

Any young la­dies who would li­ke mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on a­bout the acti­vi­ties of the So­ci­al But­ter­flies are wel­co­me to get in tou­ch with Gil­ly La­te­gan on 076 800 4569, as she would lo­ve to in­vi­te new mem­bers.

Hos­pi­ce would al­so, as al­ways, be ex­tre­me­ly gra­te­ful for any do­na­ti­ons, either mo­ne­ta­ry or in kind, and Col­leen Buckle can be con­tacted on 049 892 4608. The of­fi­ce will be clo­sing on F­ri­day 14 De­cem­ber at 10:00, and will re­o­pen on 2 Ja­nu­a­ry at 08:00.

The nur­ses will be on stand­by in ca­ses of e­mer­gen­cies.

Hos­pi­ce staff de­lig­h­ted to accept the do­na­ti­ons on be­half of t­heir pa­tients: Re­gi­na Alam, Lo­ret­ta Wie­hann, C­har­mai­ne I­saacs, Me­lis­sa de K­lerk, Liz­zie Ju­lies, Su­san Bok­baard, Ro­chel­le Wil­lem­se and A­zo­la Tom.

Col­leen Buckle re­cei­ves the gif­ts from Gil­ly La­te­gan.

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