E­di­tor’s Co­lumn by Ma­ri­ët­te Bur­ger New y­e­ar, cle­an s­la­te

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Wel­co­me to your fresh s­la­te…

That’s how I li­ke to look at the new y­e­ar. New Y­e­ar's Eve his­to­ri­cal­ly kicks off that mad scram­ble w­hen al­most e­ver­yo­ne ma­kes so­me kind of re­so­lu­ti­on.

S­ha­ring a si­mi­lar mind­set last week with the ca­len­dar y­e­ar cree­ping up a­not­her di­git, I found my­self con­tem­pla­ting my own re­so­lu­ti­ons, mig­hti­ly in­spi­red to try and be my be­st self this y­e­ar.

You’ll no­te the emp­ha­sis on try, be­cau­se e­very y­e­ar w­hen I ma­ke a re­so­lu­ti­on I re­al­ly want to keep it - or them. But, I'm be­gin­ning to le­arn out of ex­pe­rien­ce that I'm just ne­ver a­ble to ma­ke it stick.

No­net­he­less, I al­ways look for­ward to the new y­e­ar and the e­nor­mous pro­mi­se it holds.

As 2019 be­gins, it’s an op­por­tu­ni­ty to re­flect on w­hat we’ve ac­com­plis­hed and out­li­ne our pri­o­ri­ties for the next 12 mont­hs. Now, this y­e­ar, a­part from exe­r­ci­sing mo­re and li­ving a he­al­thier li­fe­sty­le - which are pro­ba­bly re­so­lu­ti­ons I set (and bre­ak) e­ach y­e­ar - this y­e­ar one of my re­so­lu­ti­ons is to bre­ak a re­cord.

The i­dea be­hind it is to set a go­al of bre­a­king a per­so­nal re­cord - per­so­nal­ly, mi­ne is to try and see how litt­le ti­me I can spend on my pho­ne and so­ci­al me­dia si­tes.

The web­si­te I found this in­spi­red i­dea on, e­ven sug­ge­sts you mig­ht try and bre­ak a wor­ld re­cord.

I mig­ht be going for the most New Y­e­ar’s re­so­lu­ti­ons bro­ken in a li­fe­ti­me.. alt­hough, I’m pro­ba­bly going to ha­ve so­me stiff com­pe­ti­ti­on in that re­gard.

A­not­her sug­ges­ti­on pos­ted on the si­te is to ma­ke a new friend e­very month - it sug­ge­sts you at­tend mo­re so­ci­al e­vents, s­park up con­ver­sa­ti­ons with co-wor­kers who a­ren’t your f­riends, or ha­ve a chat with stran­gers.

A­not­her sug­ges­ti­on for a dif­fe­rent New Y­e­ar’s re­so­lu­ti­on is to le­arn so­mething you ne­ver le­ar­ned as a child. Or, re­sol­ving to eat a new food e­ach week.

Ho­we­ver you mig­ht ha­ve de­ci­ded to start the new y­e­ar, and whi­che­v­er re­so­lu­ti­ons you ha­ve de­ci­ded upon, let's just re­sol­ve to do 2019 right - re­a­lis­ti­cal­ly.

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